"I felt so blessed to have them all here, so I wanted them to be involved too."

By Southern Living
October 18, 2019
Natalie Caho

When Lyndsey and Tanner Raby tied the knot last month, they had all four of their grandmas by their sides.

The quadruplicate of matriarchs had the honor of serving as co-flower girls for the couple's September 22 nuptials at Ocoee Crest in Benton, Tennessee.

"I knew as soon as I was engaged I wanted to involve my grandmothers," Lyndsey told HuffPost. "I felt so blessed to have them all here, so I wanted them to be involved too."

The flower girls included the bride's 90-year-old great-grandmother, Kathleen Brown; the groom's 70-year-old grandmother, Joyce Raby; the bride's 76-year-old grandmother, Wanda Grant; and the bride's 72-year-old grandmother, Betty Brown.

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"Most girls are lucky to even have one grandmother present," the couple's wedding photographer Natalie Caho told HuffPost. "And the fact that [Lyndsey] had four was a big deal that she wanted to savor."

Lyndsey recalled that her grandmas were "ecstatic" when she asked them to take on the role of flower girls.

"I do believe they were more excited than my bridesmaids," Lyndsey said, adding that couples considering including their grandparents in their weddings should absolutely do it.

How cute is that?

This story originally appeared on SouthernLiving.com by Meghan Overdeep.



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