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How I’m Getting My Wedding Skin Back Before My Honeymoon

Because that glow can last forever


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So, you have a multi-step skincare routine, but you’re still experiencing breakouts. You might be missing a product that could change everything.

It’s Retinoid Education Week, which means it’s time for everyone to know what a real difference a retinoid can make for their skin. Retinoids are either derived from vitamin A or behave exactly like it—which is to say they do major work to clear breakouts. Retinoids not only reduce acne, they prevent acne. They regulate cell growth and decrease inflammation, helping you to finally get that clear skin you’ve been waiting for.

Most retinoids are only available with a prescription, but Differin Gel provides the same acne-busting science over the counter. It contains the retinoid adapalene, the first new FDA approved over-the-counter active ingredient to fight acne in more than 30 years.

Here’s how one bride cleared her skin and boosted her confidence for her honeymoon by adding a retinoid like Differin gel into her skincare routine.

Like many soon-to-be brides, I wanted to wake up on my wedding day with clear, glowing skin.  This might seem like a minor detail, but having bright, blemish-free skin for my big day—and the confidence boost that comes with it—was very important to me. Leading up to that morning, I followed an ultra-disciplined routine to get my skin in tip-top shape—and it worked. But it just wasn’t sustainable for the long run. Once the wedding had come and gone, I found myself easing up on the skincare regimen that I had diligently followed. 

And around the corner, the honeymoon—planned for a few months later—was coming up. 

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Slowly but surely, the hormonal breakouts on my chin reappeared just a couple of months before we left for the trip. I wanted to get my skin back in wedding day shape, and this time, that meant pulling out the big guns, and finding a retinoid treatment. I wanted to help clear up my existing breakouts—and prevent new ones.

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Since I was new to the world of retinoids, I didn’t feel comfortable experimenting with different products on my skin. What I knew was that I needed a strong retinoid to help control my acne—and often, they require a prescription. With that in mind I found Differin Gel—a prescription-strength product that doesn’t actually require a prescription. 

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Now, in preparation for the new “big day”—the departure for our honeymoon—I apply Differin Gel all over my face once a day, after I cleanse and before I moisturize. I really feel like this product gets deep down inside my pores to help clear current breakouts and prevent new ones from forming. I’ve already seen a change in the amount and intensity of the acne on my chin after just a few weeks! 

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Until your skin gets used to the retinoid working deep within the cells, you might see some minor side effects, like increased dryness, peeling, and redness of the skin—but trust me, the results are worth the wait. I’m definitely careful not to spend too much time in the sun, and I plan to load up on SPF during my honeymoon since retinoids can cause sun sensitivity.  

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But here’s the kicker: My existing zits have started to disappear (I barely recognize my chin!). I love that the product is oil-free and fragrance-free so I can use it each night before bed—and you better believe it will be coming with me on my honeymoon! You could say that my skin and I are entering a very happy honeymoon phase, too—one that will last a long time.   

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