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Martha Stewart + Cricut® Banner Cake Topper and Favor Box

Personalize your sweet treats with these DIY projects for your wedding cake and favors. The cake topper can be customized to display your favorite phrase, last name, or initials.

Design Space Banner Cake Topper and Favor Box

Photography: Courtesy of Cricut

Source: Cricut


Add a playful touch to your wedding cake by decorating it with your own custom-made rose gold banner topper. Along with the Cricut tools listed below, all you'll need is pink baker's twine, gold striped paper straws, adhesive, and ribbon. On the big day, your guests won't believe your romantic confection decoration was a DIY project.


  1. Follow the project link to Design Space®. If you want to alter the project, click "Customize," then use the tools in the Edit panel to make changes. Click "Continue" or "Make It."

  2. To personalize the text of this project, use the text tool to select the text you want to change, and type in your desired letters. Use "Attach" option to preserve the arrangement of text before cutting. Tip: If you have never used the Text tools before, you can learn more at

  3. Follow the prompts in Design Space® to cut the images from vinyl and cardstock.

  4. Insert your scoring tool when prompted.

  5. To assemble, fold along score lines and shape the cardstock to form a box.

  6. Use adhesive to attach flaps inside box.

  7. Insert the cardstock squares to keep things from falling out of heart. Fill box and finish with a ribbon tied around the box.

  8. Layer each pink foil flag over a cream cardstock flag.

  9. String the layered flags on the baker's twine. Tip: To thread the twine through the banner holes, use a needle with a large eye, or wrap tape around the end of the twine.

  10. Tie each end of the twine to the top of a straw. If desired, hold in place with tape or a glue dot.

  11. Top each straw with a gold vine, inserting the top of the straw through the loop on the vine and folding the vine.

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