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Martha Stewart + Cricut® Photo Booth Props

Smile for the camera with these DIY photo booth props! Personalize the color palette, phrases, and shapes to match your wedding theme.

Design Space Martha Stewart Wedding Photo Props

Photography: Courtesy of Cricut

Source: Cricut


What's a wedding photo booth without a few festive props? Enhance your guests' hilarious candids with a few accessories—which you can easily make yourself using the Martha Stewart Explore Air 2 Cricut, a ready-to-go prop kit, and a few items you likely already have at home, like a hot glue gun, glue dots, and double-sided tape. The only thing you'll need from the craft store? A few lollipop sticks.


  1. Follow the project link to Design Space®. If you want to alter the project, click "Customize," then use the tools in the Edit panel to make changes. Click "Continue" or "Make It."

  2. To cut your props, place the first piece of material onto the Standard Grip mat. Follow the prompts to load the machine: Set SmartSet Dial to "Cardstock." Load Fine-Point Blade in Clamp B. Load Mat and press the Load/Unload button.

  3. Press the flashing "Go" button, and cut! Unload the mat. Peel away the negative material, then if needed, use the spatula from the Basic Tool Set to lift the individual pieces.

  4. Continue Step 3 by loading the cutting mat with each new sheet of material, then into the machine as prompted.

  5. To assemble, attach party foil layers to cardstock by using glue dots or double-sided tape.

  6. Adhere adhesive foil layers to cardstock using transfer tape.

  7. Use a hot glue gun to attach props to lollipop sticks.

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