This new beauty trend is perfect for brides-to-be.

By Elizabeth Swanson
May 08, 2019
JGI/Jamie Grill

Just when you thought you had all of the skincare lingo down (serums, essences, toners, double-cleansing), another beauty must-have starts to overshadow them all: ampoules. What, exactly are ampoules, you ask? We turned to Charlotte Cho, founder of Korean skincare site Soko Glam, to find out.

Simply put, ampoules are concentrated skin treatments that can help brighten, hydrate, and/or smooth out fine lines in the skin, Cho explains. "Depending upon what it does, an ampoule can be spot applied on the area you're trying to treat. For instance, if you want to eradicate or prevent brown spots, and you're using an ampoule with vitamin C, you can dab it on the areas where there's hyperpigmentation," Cho says.

If you think that sounds quite similar to what serums and essences do, you're right; there are some key differences though: essences tend to be very watery, and serums, though concentrated, can generally be part of a daily regimen and used all over the face. Ampoules can sometimes be even more potent than serums, and aren't necessarily used every single day for months at a time. (As far as where they go in your skincare regimen, you'd apply them after cleansing and toning.) Think of them as the perfect product to incorporate into your skincare regimen before a major event to give your skin an extra boost. In other words, they're perfect to use before your wedding day.

If brightening and evening the skin tone is what you're after, use a vitamin C ampoule, like Circcell Vitamin C Ampoules, at night or a few times a week-not every day, as the skin can become too sensitive to a concentrated vitamin C treatment, Cho says. Hydrating ampoules are generally gentle enough for daily use. For that, Elensilia CPP French Propolis 82% Ampoule will do the trick. And for minimizing fine lines, try an ampoule like The Plant Base Time Stop Collagen Ampoule.

Start using ampoules three to four weeks before the wedding, Cho suggests, and even on the morning of the wedding. "You can get a flawless wedding-day glow by marrying skincare and makeup," she says. "Mix a drop of an ampoule to your foundation right before you apply it, and it'll create that fresh, dewy look all day long."


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