While the details may be quite similar, the execution is where the experience differs.

By Lauren Wellbank
April 23, 2019

Have you ever looked at photos from a celebrity wedding and wondered what went into creating that seemingly flawless day? Maybe you've wondered how a team of vendors is able to accommodate the privacy needs of a high-profile couple and their guests, or how a star's experience planning a wedding differs from your own. Aside from their wedding photos appearing everywhere from your favorite bridal magazines to world news sites, is their process really all that different from your own?

To get the answer, we asked A-list wedding planner Marcy Blum (whose client list includes celebrities like Kevon Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick) to explain what vendors have to do differently for their high-profile clients.


Maintaining Total Secrecy

While you were planning your wedding you may have posted the details on your Facebook page, created a wedding website, or even shared photos of the venue on Instagram. For celebrities, keeping the venue and other details under wraps is a big part of the process. Invitations to celebrity events will not list the address of the event, but instead the phone number to Blum's office, the pro says, so that her staff can vet the guests before providing them with the details. The date itself is very rarely released ahead of time to anyone but those invited, meaning it won't be shared on a wedding website or registry page.

Nailing the Perfect Photo

Wedding photographers usually have proofs for their couples to view sometime after the honeymoon, but if you're in a hurry to update your profile picture, you will need to rely on a selfie or a photo snapped by a guest. Blum says A-list clients require professional-quality photos more immediately, as most celebrities choose to release a formal photo to the press following the nuptials. For the vendors, this can mean coordinating with an on-site photo editor who can provide pictures for the couple, or their publicist, to approve before they go out on the AP wire later that day.

Dealing with Paparazzi

Many brides are excited to be treated like a star for the day. Getting their hair and makeup done, having everyone clamoring to take their picture all day, and all of the fanfare that they receive throughout the party can be thrilling. A-list couples receive all that attention and more, and it's very rarely wanted. Sometimes it can even interfere with the wedding festivities. According to Blum, taking outdoor photos is often impossible for the couple to capture thanks to the use of drones and helicopters by paparazzi.



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