But you never see the singer get married.

By Chloe Gorman
November 30, 2018
Getty Images


Ariana Grande just debuted her highly-anticipated music video for her single "thank u, next," and though fans expected to see a major wedding scene based on the behind-the-scenes look the singer shared yesterday, Grande didn't dwell on that moment. In fact, the preview scene that showed Grande in a strapless wedding dress accompanied by bridesmaids in pink gowns was just one small part of the final cut.

The singer was largely inspired by a number of different 2000s era movies, including Bring It On, Mean Girls, and Legally Blonde. As for the wedding scene, some speculated that it was a nod to the iconic moment in 13 Going on 30 when Jennifer Garner's character marries her childhood best friend played by Mark Ruffalo. Others think that Grande used this moment to call out her would-be wedding to former fiancé Pete Davidson. Based on the fact that Grande saw herself in a wedding dress from afar, it's safe to assume the latter is closer to what the singer had in mind.


That wasn't the only homage to the Saturday Night Live cast member. The video begins with a montage straight out of Mean Girls and features actress Stefani Drummond saying a variation on her famous line. "Ariana Grande broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me and I broke off an engagement," she says. The split happened back in October after a three-month engagement.

According to Us Weekly, Grande seems to be handling the split well. "Ariana is doing really well and has been over the moon with the success of 'thank u, next' and couldn't be more excited for the video to come out," the source told the outlet.



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