The This Is Us star became instantly "smitten" with her now-husband over sushi.

By Chloe Gorman
November 26, 2018

One date was all it took for Mandy Moore to fall in love with her now-husband, Taylor Goldsmith. In an interview with ELLE Australia, the This Is Us star revealed that she and the Dawes musician's connection-which later developed during their first few months of long-distance dating-was instantaneous.

Moore told the outlet that she initially met Goldsmith on Instagram in 2015, after she posted about his band's music on social media. Goldsmith reached out to thank Moore, also a singer, for her support, which began an email exchange. This ultimately led to their first date at a local sushi bar a few weeks later.


Moore and Goldsmith hit it off immediately, the actress explained. "I left that dinner completely smitten but we didn't hold hands or kiss or anything," she revealed. "I completely fell in love with him without having done anything more than given him a hug good night." Although Goldsmith had to leave for tour just a few days after their initial meeting, the couple still kept in touch via email, text, and Facetime over the next six weeks.

The actress' love for Goldsmith only grew over time, as she realized that he was an "undeniably good person in every respect," she continued. "I wasn't expecting it but I really lucked out," she said. "I would go through everything that I went through a million times over if it meant landing Taylor in my life again and meeting him." Part of their successful relationship revolves around balance, continued Moore, who also opened up about the importance of preserving friendships when falling in love. "I love Taylor, and he's my best friend, but my relationship with him is very different from the way that I'm fulfilled by my girlfriends," she concluded.



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