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Joe and Nick Jonas Now Understand Why Kevin Jonas Was a "Groomzilla" at His Wedding

They're feeling the "excitement and the level of stress" as they approach their own nuptials, said Kevin.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Engaged
Photography by: Nick Jonas via Instagram

Joe and Nick Jonas might have been a little annoyed with brother Kevin's anxiety level during the lead up for his 2009 marriage to Danielle Deleasa. But now that they're both busy planning weddings of their own, they've realized that they may have been a tad harsh on their elder sibling.


"They gave me such a hard time when I was planning my wedding with Danielle," Kevin, 31, said in an interview with Access Online. "I totally became a groomzilla, but they totally get it now. They understand the excitement and the level of stress and all the stuff I was dealing with."


Joe, 29, got engaged to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner last fall, while younger brother Nick, 26, is about to make it official with Priyanka Chopra. (The couple reportedly obtained a marriage license earlier this month.)


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How does Kevin plan on spending his younger bros big days? By kicking back and taking it easy now that the attention isn't on him.


"It's pretty exciting. I can just attend and hang out. It will be great," he told the outlet. "There's a lot of great, family fun events on the horizon."


Kevin and Danielle, old pros at the whole marriage thing, will celebrate their ninth anniversary in December. The happy husband is working on a special surprise, but it depends on their daughters: 4-year-old Alena and 2-year-old Valentina.


"As long as I can get a babysitter, we're going to be set!" Kevin said. "It's always a little challenging. We didn't really think it through too well because it's so close to Christmas that it's hard to go away and do something, but we still make it special. Next year is 10, so I'm going to have to do something big!"


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