And still enjoying yourself!

By Jenn Sinrich
November 30, 2018
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You likely just spent months, if not years, working out and eating the healthiest diet you could muster in order to feel and look your best on the wedding day. Now it's time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your honeymoon-you know, let loose and make up for all of those french fries you passed up and the sugary cocktails you turned down ahead of the wedding. While you totally deserve to celebrate, you also don't want to sabotage all the hard work you put in. That's why experts recommend maintaining at least some health goals while on your honeymoon.

"If a new bride 'goes to town' on her honeymoon after weeks of eating a clean, healthy diet, the risk isn't so much gaining back any lost weight-the real downside of honeymoon binging is digestive distress, bloating and constipation, candida, and yeast infections," warns Katherine Greiner, fitness instructor, wellness expert, and director of marketing at Tumerical and founder of KGBody. "For example, assuming the bride's diet was relatively free of dairy or sugar during her wedding prep, suddenly downing an excessive amount of sugary drinks and rich desserts can create a sugar overload in the body that throws off the bacteria, which can lead to yeast infections which can ruin the entire trip."

Bottom line: It's in your best interest not to stray too far away from what you had been doing health-wise leading up to your big day. And that's possible to do while still enjoying yourself. Here, some health tips worth incorporating on your honeymoon.

Stay hydrated.

You already know the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day-ideally eight 8-ounce glasses-but it's even more important to do so when traveling, especially if you're in a hot, humid environment. "Body fluids are lost from perspiration and increased breathing during any activity like swimming, walking, bike riding, hiking, among others," explains Jessica DeLuise, M.H.S., founder of Eat Your Way to Wellness. This is especially important if you're consuming alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, which can further dehydrate you.

Get moving.

Just because you're on your honeymoon doesn't mean you should put every form of exercise on hold. You might choose to skip the gym, and that's totally okay, but there are plenty of other ways to incorporate movement into your day-to-day itinerary. Eraldo Maglara, personal trainer, host of the TV show Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo and author of The Real Fountain of Youth, recommends selecting activities for you and your partner that challenge you to burn more calories than just sitting in a chair all day, such as swimming, biking, and running. "Just make sure you don't overdo it, as pushing yourself over your limitations could result in unwanted injuries," he adds.

Choose healthy-ish food options.

It's your honeymoon, so you should totally indulge in some of your favorite "non-healthy" foods. However, experts recommend that healthy-ish options make up the majority of your food selections. DeLuise suggests making little changes, for example opting for baked, broiled, or grilled foods instead of breaded, battered, or fried alternatives. This, she explains will decrease your intake of calories, saturated fat, and refined carbohydrates, which will help you avoid upset stomach, bloating, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, skin blemishes, and inflammation-none of which you want to experience on your honeymoon.

Wear sunscreen.

Just because it's your honeymoon doesn't give you a free pass to not wear sunscreen. "Sun protection has a cumulative effect and can contribute to skin wrinkles, skin hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer," warns DeLuise. "Apply sunblock 20-30 minutes prior to going out into the sun and reapplying every 30 minutes."

Stick to your supplement regimen.

If you've been taking daily supplements, even a multivitamin, remember to bring enough for each day you'll be on your honeymoon. "Some vitamins and supplements are only effective if taken on an ongoing basis," explains Greiner. "Just like exercise, supplements have a cumulative effect-you can't expect to work out once and get six-pack abs and you can't expect abs to stick around if you stop working them. The same thing goes for taking a supplement." Her go-to supplement is turmeric, which helps keep the skin clear, reduce puffiness or water retention and, aids with muscle recovery.

Rest up.

In addition to the jet lag you might experience depending on your honeymoon locale, you're probably going to be exhausted from your actual wedding celebration. Get as much rest as you can while on your honeymoon so that you can heal and recharge. "This can help with sunburn, fatigue, and food cravings," says DeLuise. "If you need some help relaxing, schedule a spa treatment or massage, go for a walk along the beach, or read a book."


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