The singer was just as emotional when talking about his wife at last night's Woman of the Year Awards.

By Shira Savada
November 13, 2018

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are honest about their relationship and obvious with their affection, but at this year's Glamour Women of the Year Awards, they took it to a new level. Teigen, who received the Woman of the Year award, told Entertainment Tonight how it felt to accept the high honor with her husband by her side. "Really it is an honor, and I see John accept these things all the time. You know, he has a whole shelf full of them, so now I have one too, so I'm very excited," she said.

For Teigen, receiving the award was made even more special by its presenter: her husband. Legend took the stage to praise his wife of five years and share what their marriage means to him. "I have a career in the music business, but we all know who the star of the family is. She's the heart and soul of the family, too... But I'm not the only one who loves her. Many millions of people who aren't married or related to her love her too," he said, with tears in his eyes.


Then it was Teigen's turn to speak. Famous for her candor and wit-particularly when talking about her husband-the cookbook author kicked off her acceptance speech with a joke about her relationship. "John didn't even cry when I was giving birth," she laughed. But then Teigen's words took their own emotional turn: "I joke about it a lot, but I truly have the most incredible husband on the planet," she said. "You are our everything."

She didn't stop there, going on to speak about their unbreakable bond. "You completely made me a woman," she continued. "We've grown together. Our family's grown together. Our careers have grown together." After wiping her tears away, though, she was back to her lighthearted self, revealing that this moment made her even more emotional than when she and Legend exchanged vows. "This is so sappy. I'm sorry. I hate it. I didn't cry during our wedding. I hate you, John, I really do."



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