The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe.

By Nancy Mattia
November 09, 2018

Shopping for a wedding dress is thrilling-all the gorgeous fabrics, sparkly embellishments, and beautiful designs are just waiting to be discovered. Once you make your appointment at the bridal salon, it's time to figure out who you should bring along with you. There's Mom, of course, and your sister (otherwise known as your maid of honor), and maybe a few close friends. Though you want to keep your crew small, you're wondering if you should invite your fiancé's sister? She's one of the bridesmaids but is it necessary to invite her to this special outing? Here, we explain all the ways this can play out.

Don't invite her.

You have no obligation to do so. It's your personal decision to make, and you're not beholden to anyone to invite them. If you don't know your future sister-in-law well, inviting her to join your group may be awkward for her-and you. Chances are, she's not expecting an invite anyway. And if you don't get along? That's a "don't invite" for sure.

Do invite her.

On the other hand, having her there while you shop could be a bonding experience for the two of you. If you're already close to her and she'd be helpful and supportive, then definitely consider asking her to join. If you're not that close yet, she'll be honored to be on this short list of attendees. Her mother-your soon-to-be mother-in-law-will be happy about the sweet, thoughtful gesture that you, her future daughter-in-law, has made. Also, if your future sister-in-law has hinted that she'd like to go, think about making her wish come true in the name of family goodwill.

Bring her on a subsequent shopping trip.

If you don't find the dress on your first shopping trip, you'll need to make more appointments and visit more stores. Consider asking your future sister-in-law to accompany you on a later outing. You could also invite her to other appointments, like your dress fittings.


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