It's no wonder, since the garment was designed by the creative director of Theia.

By Sarah Schreiber
October 25, 2018

One of the biggest benefits to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Australian tour is that we get to witness their relationship in action. The fact that we're also privvy to the Duchess' fashion choices on a day-to-day basis might be secondary-but watching Markle's royal (maternity!) style unfold is still exciting to watch. As for her latest look? The royal mom-to-be donned an elegant white evening dress in Tonga for an audience with the region's royal family. The garment, a silk satin sheath dress with embellished cap sleeves, was noteworthy for more than its beauty, however: It looked exactly like a wedding dress.

This makes sense, since it's designer, Don O'Neill, is the creative director at Theia (a brand known for its ethereal line of wedding dresses). O'Neill was thrilled to create the piece for Markle's trip down under but bringing the garment to life was quite the process, reports People. "When her stylist reached out to inquire if I could make a dress for her Australian press tour, I stopped everything we were doing (my bridal show was just a week away) and immediately went to work on Her Royal Highness' gown," he said.

The Theia team worked around the clock for two days before shipping the completed evening gown to London. Although Markle reportedly loved the dress, there was one problem: It needed to be remade with extra seam allowance. O'Neill knew what this request implied-clearly, the garment needed to accommodate the future mother's growing stomach. "We knew immediately why this extra allowance was required, but mum's the word, and with less than one week to my bridal show, all hands were on deck once more," the designer continued.

O'Neill just barely pulled it off: "We re-made the gown and I literally had to run down Broadway that Friday night to catch the UPS truck, making it with just 2 minutes to spare!" It was worth it, though, he concluded. "I am humbled and so excited to dress The Duchess of Sussex. It has been an exciting whirlwind collaboration."


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