Plus, find out how the couple celebrated the special occassion.

September 12, 2018
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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday doing what they love to do best: nothing.

"The best vacation we can have is to be able to do nothing with our family, so that's what we did," Lively, 31, told Good Morning America in an interview published on Wednesday.

She and Reynolds, who married in 2012, share two daughters together: James, 3½, and Inez, 1½.

"I had to explain to my daughter what an anniversary is," the actress added. "She's like, 'What is it, does it mean you're having another baby today?' and I was like, 'Dear God, no. It doesn't, it means it's our wedding's birthday.'"

That's what may have been going on behind the scenes, but in public, Lively and Reynolds were engaged in a hilarious roast war.

It started when Reynolds shared a photograph of an advertisement for his liquor company, Aviation Gin, which was plastered with a very large image of the actor enjoying the product. Lively then slid into the comments to let her husband know what she thought about the image.

"Who needs a mini van?! I'm driving this from now on," she wrote in an interaction first noticed by the Instagram account Comments by Celebs.

The A Simple Favor star went on to extol the virtues of the vehicle, writing that it was "subtle" and "gorgeous," before she exclaimed, "and OHMYGAWDYOUREHUGE.

"Sure, the couple are used to trolling one another online. But behind the scenes, they're big saps - especially when it comes to gushing about James' cameo on Taylor Swift's song "Gorgeous."

"We were very embarrassing," Lively told GMA, when discussing her and Reynolds' reaction to hearing James while at Swift's "Reputation" concert this summer.

Does that mean that James is ready for stardom? Not yet.

"Our kids have very normal lives, as much as that's possible," Lively said. "So she didn't even get a title on the album."

"I should be collecting royalties," Lively joked.


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