The best friends and tourmates tackled Feinstein's upcoming nuptials together.

By Sarah Schreiber
September 07, 2018

Comedians Amy Schumer and Rachel Feinstein go all the way back. The former roommates have been collaborating for years-Feinstein, who's currently on her last leg of the Amy Schumer & Friends tour, made several appearances on Inside Amy Schumer and had a small role in Trainwreck. The dynamic duo's most recent project? Feinstein's upcoming wedding to New York City Fire Captain Peter Brennan. According to the rising comic, Schumer (who's also her maid of honor!) has been an invaluable resource throughout the planning process.

This should come as little surprise when you consider the fact that I Feel Pretty actress is a newlywed herself. And even though Schumer pulled her own nuptials together in record time-she purchased the first wedding dress she tried on and texted out invitations two days before her wedding to chef Chris Fischer-she was happy to be part of her friend's more traditional wedding timeline. "Amy is just the most generous, insanely fabulous friend. She's helped me with everything-I've shown her the dress, done the fittings, all of it. She's incredibly supportive," Feinstein told Martha Stewart Weddings at her and Brennan's joint bachelor and bachelorette party (Schumer later attended!), which was hosted by HotelTonight at New York City's Dream Hotel.


Courtesy of HotelTonight

As for Schumer's best piece of advice for her bride-to-be best friend? Hire a wedding planner. "All I knew was that I wanted a piñata. I just wanted my wedding to be a bunch of comedians and firemen hitting this piñata-that was my only vision," Feinstein laughed. "So Amy was like 'Yeah, you should hire someone.'"

In addition to standing by Feinstein on her big day, Schumer is involved in another major part of the party-she'll be helping the couple's family write their speeches. "Pete's brother, who's his best man, is really nervous to give a speech. He's like, 'How do I speak in front of all these comedians?'" she explained. Luckily, Schumer quickly volunteered to help him put together a few words. He'd do just as well, though, to ask his future sister-in-law-Feinstein's advice for future speech givers ("Don't air any dirty laundry and keep it short," she said) is foolproof.



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