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Mariah Carey Just Helped One of Her Backup Dancers Get Engaged

The singer is just as thrilled as the happy couple.


he said yes!!! Congratulations Manwe and Sumeet!!

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Marriage proposals at concerts aren't anything new, but they're adorable nonetheless—especially when a celebrity is involved in the process! Over the weekend, Mariah Carey helped a backup dancer get engaged, and her reaction to the engagement was just as sweet as the couple's.


Carey shared a video of the special moment on Instagram, which took place during her The Butterfly Returns show in Las Vegas. In the clip, the star's shown standing on stage with one of her dancers. Not long after, she invites his boyfriend to join them in the spotlight before hinting at what's going on.


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"We've been planning this for a long time and you didn't know about this," she says to the dancer, "so, hopefully, you're going to be surprised in a very good way." Once Carey exits, and the lovebirds are left on their own, the real magic happens. The dancer's boyfriend gets down on one knee, holds out a ring, and asks, "Would you do me the honor?" The performer says "yes" (and even wipes a tear from his eye!) as the crowd cheers for the newly-minted fiancés, who share a long embrace on the stage before holding their hands up together in victory.


It's clear that Carey was all about the engagement, and not just because she posted the video (captioned, "he said yes!!!"). Throughout the clip, she's shown cheering her dancer and his partner on. Of course, the star deserves her own round of applause for helping to make the proposal happen!