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"Queer Eye" Star Tan France Wants Pete Davidson to Wear Something "Quirky" When He Marries Ariana Grande

The SNL star is consulting the fashion guru for style advice before his big day.


one more for the queen. words can’t express what a real fucking treasure this one is

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande confirmed their engagement less than a month ago, but that doesn't mean that they aren't already thinking about their wedding! It was recently revealed that the future groom asked Queer Eye's Tan France for style advice ahead of the big day. Now, the show's fashion guru is dishing on his plans for the SNL star's look.


"I want it to feel like him," France explained to Us Weekly. "I would want him to feel like he's representing who he is and what his style's all about, because he's quirky AF. So, if he wants to continue doing that, I fully support it. I love that he loves to experiment with clothing. I want everyone to experiment with clothing! I love his style." 


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France also admitted that he was "surprised" when Davidson asked him to help out but revealed that the pair are "good friend[s]." In turn, his wedding involvement makes complete sense. He went on to say that Grande and her fiancé "are two of the nicest people I've come across in a long time, so I couldn't be happier for them."


While his styling will certainly help the big day stand out, he thinks the couple will shine regardless. "I hope what makes it so special is that they are both so lovely and that they've found a good partner in each other." Don't expect to see France and Davidson's outfit choice anytime soon, though. Previously, a source told Us Weekly that the singer and her future husband "are not rushing to get married."