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10 Seamstresses Spent 400 Hours Creating Kaley Cuoco's Custom Wedding Dress

The silk chiffon gown featured handmade lace appliqués and a floor-length cape.


Kaley Cuoco's wedding dress was the talk of her big day. The custom Reem Acra number was allegedly inspired by the glamour of the 1920s and was as intricate as it looked—plus, its creation had the timestamp to prove it. According to E! News, the pure silk chiffon gown and matching floor-length cape, which were decorated with handmade floral appliqués and embroidered tulle, took a team of 10 seamstresses over 400 hours to make.


Designer Reem Acra told the news outlet that the energy required to bring the Big Bang Theory star's wedding dress to life was worth it. "It was a joy to create this custom gown for Kaley," she said. "She looked wonderful and I wish her and Karl a lifetime of happiness."



Her wedding dress may have been impossibly luxurious, but slipping into it definitely wasn't. Wedding planner Lauren Tatum told Entertainment Tonight that the actress went down to her stable venue's barns to get ready. "She snuck over to the barn at 7:45 p.m. and was shoved into the feed room, where all the food for the horses are, to put on her dress and get ready to walk down the aisle—because she walked down the aisle in the barn past all of her horses," she revealed. "She was standing in a room full of horse feed!"


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Animals served as a focal point for the couple's nuptials. "The whole [wedding] was unique and unusual, including their horseshoe altar," explained Tatum. "That was Karl's ranch. They love their animals. That is what they cared about—the animals and each other—and that is what they wanted relayed to the guests."


Following an emotional ceremony, Cuoco changed into a Tadashi Shoji jumpsuit for the evening's festivities. Her wedding reception décor actually paid homage to her first bridal look. "Her ice luge had her wedding dress pattern carved into the front," Tatum said. The rest of the celebration's details were just as over the top, including the opulent table settings, which were decorated by wares from Wood and Button and florals by The Empty Vase. The circus-themed party really picked up later in the evening, when unicycle riders, stilt walkers, aerialists, magicians, and jugglers came out of the woodwork to delight guests.



My vows to the love of my life with a little clip of our first dance. ‘Kaley…I hate you the least of all people in the world. Outside of you I have no need for anything. Without you I am nothing. I thought I would read something I wrote three days after the first night we met. We felt safe, challenged, and free. We could be who we are without thought for the ridiculous complexities of social norms. It was as if we were floating on a magic carpet not bound by the slings and arrows that entrap so many. We talked and talked rejecting the very idea of time or place. There is a rhythm and a pulse to us like ocean waves crashing upon the rocks; just like those waves on those rocks we feel like a force of nature. All these raw and beautiful feelings exude from deep deep within me from a tiny and at the same time vacuous corner. I guess that is the power of a true human connection. If you can not tell I have loved you from the very first night we met. Every day since then has been only devoted to you. From waking to midday to night time to sleeping, nothing but who we are together matters.’ I promise to understand you plucking my unibrow comes from a place of love I promise to remove any errant insect that journeys into our home. I promise to love and take care of all our animals no matter what and how many we bring home. From this breathe to my very last… I am yours. @enjetmedia @enjettiff @bricuoco @joegillette

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One of the highlights of the reception? Cuoco and Cook's first dance, which took place under a tent. The equestrian took to Instagram to share a video clip of the special moment and captioned the post with his wedding vows. "If you cannot tell, I have loved you from the very first night we met. Every day since then has been only devoted to you," he wrote. "From waking to midday to night time to sleeping, nothing but who we are together matters."