Give it a try to get a bridal glow.

By Elizabeth Swanson
July 11, 2018
A Couple of Cameras

There's something nostalgic and refreshing about beauty traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation; a phenomenon that's certainly the case with Anuradha Koli, creator of Volition Beauty's Turmeric Face & Body Brightening Polish. The product, after all, was inspired by the Indian beauty ritual of using turmeric, a multi-tasking, anti-inflammatory spice her family relies on in both cooking and skincare. Here, Koli shares five tried-and-true Indian bridal beauty secrets that all brides can steal for healthy wedding-day hair and glowing skin.

Think about fragrance in a new way.

"For all-over, long-lasting natural fragrance, Indian women often adorn their hair with fresh jasmine," Koli says. Not only does it smell great, but it's also a big-day hair accessory that complements all styles, whether you choose to wear your locks up or down. To enhance the natural scent, put jasmine oil on your wrists, backs of knees, and neck. Try like Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Rollerball Perfume Oil.

Moisturize better.

Apply a thin layer of ghee, or clarified butter, on lips at night to keep them moisturized. (Ghee is also beneficial to use in cooking: it's full of healthy fats and doesn't contain lactose like regular butter does, so it usually doesn't cause digestion issues associated with dairy.)

Add sandalwood to your routine.

Cleanse with sandalwood. "It helps minimize fine lines and keeps the complexion supple and moisturized," Koli says. Sandalwood also has natural antibacterial properties, making it an effective yet gentle treatment for those with acne. Try Pratima Pitta Herbal Cleanser.

Reach for the turmeric.

"There's really nothing quite like turmeric," Koli says. "It not only softens and soothes troubled skin, but it has brightening and gentle exfoliating qualities that leave you with a healthy glow. All of the women in my family have used turmeric as part of their beauty routine for generations-I don't even know if I can count back that far!" Her Turmeric Brightening Polish for Face and Body from Volition Beauty is a great one to try.

Get familiar with these two oils.

For intense moisturization, once a week apply sesame oil all over your face and body. Let it soak into the skin for 20 minutes and then bathe. For your hair, apply a quarter-size amount of coconut oil, let it sit for 15 minutes, and wash out.


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