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Jim Parsons and Ellen DeGeneres Bonded Over Their "Weird" Wedding Anniversaries

You'll never guess what DeGeneres gave Portia de Rossi for their second one.


Ellen DeGeneres just had The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons on her talk show, and the actor's appearance coincided with a special occasion: his first wedding anniversary. When DeGeneres congratulated the star, though, he revealed he wasn't entirely pleased with the "weird" milestone!


According to Parsons, it was his one-year wedding anniversary "officially for the law." That being said, he felt as though the label didn't really represent his relationship. "It's such a weird thing being a gay couple, well at my age," he explained, referencing to back before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples in all 50 states could wed.


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"This is our 16th year together," he went on, "but it's our first [wedding anniversary]." The actor then noted that he and husband Todd Spiewak "are back to paper"—the traditional gift theme for celebrating one married year. "I want gold," he joked.


Parsons and Spiewak's situation got DeGeneres reminiscing about her own marriage to Portia de Rossi. "Now, we did the same thing, because we've been together for 13 years, [but] we've been married nine years, going on 10 years. But we do the paper and the cotton and all that stuff." Parsons asked her for an example of one of her themed anniversary gifts, and the host revealed something so sweet. "Cotton is two [years], because I made her cotton balls that said 'two,'" she shared. It wasn't exactly clear what she meant, but we envision some sort of art project. That's right—Degeneres got crafty for her second anniversary!