The boxes just keep coming.

By Sarah Schreiber
May 31, 2018

The royal wedding may be over, but the gifts just keep rolling on in. According to an Express source, Kensington Palace has received an endless stream of boxes and parcels in the weeks since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day. Their total value? A whopping $9 million. The royal couple, however, can't accept these presents. The reason why has nothing to do with their sheer inability to keep a running list of who-bought-what for thank you notes.

Accepting gifts from the public (especially from businesses!) goes against royal protocol. The gist of this rule revolves around keeping the Royal Family safe from physical harm and exploitation. As for the latter, some companies have already sent the Duke and Duchess of Sussex their products in the hopes that they'll wear or use them for publicity. And while we're sure that the bulk of the gifts that Meghan and Harry have received are well-meaning-some are allegedly from celebrity friends!-they'll have to stick to the rulebook.

The newlyweds also anticipated this, which is why they specifically requested charitable donations in lieu of physical gifts ahead of their May 19 nuptials. In early April, Kensington Palace tweeted on behalf of the couple, asking that "anyone who might wish to mark the occasion of their wedding considers giving to charity, instead of sending a gift," before listing out the couple's preferred non-profits. These charities included Crisis, an organization that fights homelessness, and Scotty's Little soldiers, a charity that supports the children of fallen armed forces members.

The newlyweds can't (legally!) receive presents from the public, but that doesn't mean that they don't gift each other. On her wedding day, the Duchess of Sussex received her title from the Queen and an aquamarine ring-it belonged to the late Princess Diana-from her husband.


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