This bride-to-be was on a mission to find dresses her 'maids would feel great in.

By Caralyn Mirand
April 24, 2018

After shopping for my wedding dress, I learned that the experience of finding a gown for a wedding is often a stressful one, no matter what your body type is. To make the process easier for myself, I found a wedding dress retailer that offered an inclusive size range with silhouettes that would complement a range of different body types. So when it came time to start shopping for dresses for my bridesmaids, I knew I should take a similar approach if I wanted it to be a positive experience for my girls.

But it quickly seemed as if no one carried the specific shade of blue that I was on the hunt for. I always envisioned my bridesmaids wearing an array of different dresses in a variety of shades and fabrics. On top of that, it was very important to me that each of my 'maids would be able to wear a dress she loved on the wedding day. I started the process by shopping with one of my bridesmaids, Rosa Barney, who also happens to be a fellow model. She is tall and curvy, so finding a unique style that made her look and feel beautiful and confident was especially important.

With my must-have requirements in mind, we hit the showrooms.

Although I knew what I wanted, I was still having a really hard time finding a selection of dresses that I truly loved and that my girls would be happy about wearing, too. There was no way that I was going to let my bridesmaids stand next to me feeling self-conscious or wearing dresses that they didn't feel amazing in. Confidence shows through photos, and if they weren't feeling great, we'd all know it. Everything we saw just seemed so expected and ordinary, and I started to think it would be impossible to locate the color I was after.

That is, until I stumbled across Jenny Yoo and saw the exact hue I was looking for. And things only got better from there. Their picture-perfect dress selection, which we were able to see in-person at their New York City showroom, comes in over 30 different colors and 8 different fabrics. That mean's they're able to offer over 100 different combinations, all available in sizes 0-24 (some styles even go up to a size 32 or are offered in maternity sizing).

Once we found Jenny Yoo, we knew we'd be able to choose styles every bridesmaid would approve of, no matter what size gown she wears. I even had the luxury of emailing color and fabric options to my entire group and let everyone pick exactly what they wanted. Despite the fact that my bridesmaids live all over the country, we were easily able to coordinate choosing and ordering styles.

Because the brand is so size-inclusive, my five bridesmaids and flower girl were all able to place orders with Jenny Yoo. I was beyond excited to see my vision come to life, and am even happier that each of these important women were able to select a bridesmaids dress that she looks and feels amazing in.


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