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Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer Are Honeymooning in Italy

It looks like they're having the best time.



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After their wedding, Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer shared photos from what appeared to be a stateside hiking adventure. Considering the timing, many assumed that the excursion was part of their honeymoon. While it may have been a leg of their trip, it's now clear that couple planned a trip to Italy in celebration of their marriage.


Schumer's been documenting their Italian getaway through Instagram posts, revealing that they've been perusing Milan, Venice, and Rome. According to the photos, the newlyweds have been enjoying their time as tourists, stopping to see things like artwork and historic buildings. Schumer's also been sharing their honeymoon on Instagram Stories, where the two were spotted sipping on cappuccinos, riding on Segways, and enjoying the local cuisine.




Schumer and Fischer tied the knot at their unexpected wedding in February. The celebration came as a surprise to many—including the couple's famous guests. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, attendee Jennifer Lawrence called the event "very sudden." That being said, she also shared that "it was a beautiful ceremony and an amazing time," and that the spouses' "really love each other."


Schumer recently spoke out about her relationship, explaining how she feels now that she's married. "Part of the thing that's good about us getting married so quickly was, we're so in love," she revealed on You Up with Nikki Glaser. She also admitted that she loves hearing (and saying—"to a degree that's insane") the word "wife." Overall, she explained that being a newlywed "feels good."