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John Cena Knows as Much About His Wedding as We Do

Apparently, Nikki Bella's planning everything.



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John Cena caught up with Jimmy Fallon on yesterday's epsiode of The Tonight Show, and the stars got to talking about the wrester's engagement and upcoming wedding. According to Cena, the celebration is definitely in the works—he just doesn't know about any of the details.


Cena explained that he's "just kind of on standby to know when it is and where it is," but whenever he finds out, he'll "be there." Even though the celebrity's taken a backseat role in the planning process, he did ensure Fallon that he's "super excited" for the big day. There's one thing that he's committed to doing before then, too. "I'm going to have to learn a dance," he revealed. "I'm going to put the time in because I want that moment to be special for her." While he promised Bella that he'd rehearse, he admitted that he's not experienced. Thankfully, Fallon helped the nervous dancer out, and showed him one of his favorite moves.




As for whether Cena and Bella will tie the knot at Wrestle Mania (it's where the couple got engaged last year), the actor's response was ambiguous. "I could," he mused, before joking that "nothing ever goes wrong at a WWE wedding. Sounds like a quaint place to do that."


While we don't know when or where the nuptials will take place (and neither does the groom!), we do know that the couple is making progress with their pre-wedding timeline. Cena said that Bella just finished planning her bachelorette party, for example.