Your brother can (and should!) be part of the festivities.

By Caroline Utz
January 22, 2018

You and your brother are as close as two siblings can be, but the minute details of your wedding just don't interest him. While it can be tough to learn that he has no opinion on your carefully chosen floral arrangements or would prefer not to join you as you shop for a wedding dress, there are plenty of other ways your favorite sibling can be involved on your big day. From little things like helping choose the signature cocktail to big assists like serving as a groomsman or usher, your brother can still play a role in your nuptials, even if he knows nothing about planning the party.

Big-Day Duties

If you really want your brother to be part of the planning process and the wedding itself, ask him to be part of the bridal party. Asking him to serve as a groomsman or bridesman are the obvious choices, but there are other ways he can get involved, too. Perhaps ask him to be an usher, a low-stress, low-risk, and an easy role that's perfect for a brother-he already knows your family members and who should and shouldn't be seated together. Other options are asking him to officiate or perform a ceremony reading.

Tuxedo Tips

If your brother knows his way around impeccable menswear, ask him for his advice on your groom's and groomsmen's suits. Whether he knows a cut that will look flattering on all body types or has a tight relationship with the best tailor in town, including your brother in the fashion decision is a nice way to have him weigh in on the plans without asking him to come to your own dress fitting.

Bar Advice

Most people have an opinion on booze: what they like to drink, how they like to drink it, and how much of it any open bar should have on hand. If your brother knows his libations, ask him to share his thoughts on your alcohol selection. He may think there are too few beverages to choose from or knows that his favorite brand of tequila offers more bang for your buck, and his insights can help keep everyone's spirits high at the reception. Pun intended.

Taste Tester

Maybe he's a true foodie or just passionate about meat. Either way, asking your brother to join you for the food tastings-cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres, the reception dinner, or even the wedding cake-is an easy way to include him in the wedding planning. He doesn't need to pick the entire menu, but he may have some good suggestions or feedback that you and your groom didn't think about.


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