The wedding pro takes us inside her multi-platform special.

By Emily Platt
December 22, 2017

From the genius behind Holy Matromoji (an amazing, wedding-themed emoji app) comes a new video series: Hayley Ever After. Bridal designer Hayley Paige has partnered with TLC, and together they're releasing a television special. The one-hour feature runs on January 13 at 9 p.m. EST, and if you love wedding dresses, Broadway, or the members of Bachelor Nation, you'll want to tune in.

In Hayley Ever After: The Dress, Paige takes her TLC audience through the process of designing a wedding dress. Her client? Former Bachelorette and current Broadway actress Kaitlyn Bristowe. The show's the perfect blend of Say Yes to the Dress and Project Runway: Not only do you get to watch Bristowe find the gown of her dreams, but you also get to follow along as Paige's interns compete to create it.

Better yet, the special is supplemented with a five-episode series on Facebook Watch, and the first two episodes are available right now. These shorter clips give a closer look at all it takes to make the perfect garment.


"I love the storytelling element of this project," Paige shares with us. "Each series focuses on a unique perspective with regards to the bridal industry and the special challenges of design. Although both offer a peek into the world of Hayley Paige, the digital series focuses on brand building and behind-the-scenes moments, whereas the TV special focuses on my interaction with a generation of young creatives and how to create an environment that encourages the design process."

Overall, Paige hopes to inspire brides and new talent. "Although I've always wanted to make pretty dresses for a living, I didn't always have the confidence in myself or understand the viability of design as a profession," Paige says. Now, she wants to create "a space that is inventive and inspiring for young designers." We're all for the message, and the eye-candy is just a bonus.

As for Bristowe's wedding-day look, Paige wouldn't spill too much (you'll have to tune in to see what the star will wear!) but she did say that she designed the ceremony dress and left the party attire up to her interns. "In designing Kaitlyn's ceremony gown, my main goal was to not overwhelm her and genuinely make the process feel light. I put a series of exercises together that would help me extract more from her personality and get a read on her 'style-response,'" she said. "It really helped that she had confidence in me as a designer to run with it. This was also why I wanted each of my interns to feel a level of responsibility and creative investment in Kaitlyn's party dress. I want them to experience the ebbs and flows of the design process and understand that rarely do you get the design right from start to finish."



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