We're not saying you shouldn't wear gloves—but we're not not saying that either.

By Alyssa Brown
January 02, 2018
@tayshoffman via Instagram

Tightly fitted gloves, wool gloves, and cashmere-lined gloves are great for keeping your hands toasty warm, but they're not so great at preserving the longevity of your engagement ring. From snagging your ring to letting it slip straight off, here are all the weird ways your gloves could be doing your bridal bauble serious harm this winter.

Snagging your ring on your gloves can cause the prongs to loosen over time.

If your ring has prongs that could allow it to easily snag, it's best to steer clear of wearing gloves that are too fitted in the wintertime. You might consider taking off your engagement ring if you're wearing tight gloves, or investing in a looser pair or mittens. If your prongs loosen over time, the stones could be at risk.

Loose-fitting rings can easily slip off when removing gloves.

In colder weather, our fingers tend to contract and shrink a bit in size, which can lead to a ring fitting more loosely than it previously did. You'll have to pay particular attention when removing your winter gloves so you don't lose your ring in the process. If you've noticed your ring is a bit loose in general, it might be a good time to take it to the jeweler for resizing.

Loose prongs gather fibers.

While a little lint in your ring can be cleaned by a jeweler, its build-up over time is something to keep an eye on. If your gloves constantly get stuck on your ring, it might be time to swap the gloves or remove your ring before putting them on.


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