Give the other great guy in your life some special attention on the big day.

By Nancy Mattia
February 21, 2018

While in the thick of wedding planning, you probably talked to your mom every day-sometimes even more than once. But your dad? Not so much. It's not that you didn't want his opinions, but your mother's sage wisdom on everything from fashion to flowers comes in handy now more than ever. That's why it's important to let your dad know how much he means to you by acknowledging him on your wedding day. The gesture can be small (spend a few minutes alone with him) or big (take photos of just you two), but either way the impact will be heartfelt. Here, a few ideas to try.

Do a father-daughter dance.

Your dad has likely been looking forward to this moment for a long time, so even if you think the tradition is cheesy or old-fashioned, be sure to plan a father-daughter dance at the reception. You can make it even more special by getting together one evening and picking out the song together.

Take photos of just the two of you.

These should be done well before the two of you walk down the aisle. Of course, Dad will be in lots of group shots, but you'll both cherish these special images of you two alone.

Give him a custom boutonnière.

While he should be wearing the same type of outfit-tuxedo, suit, morning coat-as the men in the bridal party, he can get his own boutonnière. Try to incorporate his favorite colors into it.

Share a private moment.

Set aside 15 minutes the morning of the wedding for just the two of you to have time to talk. Don't be surprised if your usually stoic dad sheds a tear or two as he reminisces about the past and wishes you well for the future.

Give him a first look.

Everyone knows the groom gets a "first look" at the bride before the ceremony-give that honor to your dad, too. It may be especially emotional for him to see you all dressed up as a bride.


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