Romance is written in the stars.

By Ellie Finn
December 14, 2017

As a new year approaches, fill that agenda with more than just deadlines and birthdays-mark your love days, too! Whether you're looking to find "the one," in search of the perfect day to pop the question, or trying to select a wedding date, it's worth considering when the planets will be in your corner. That's why we spoke with astrologist Susan Miller, who talked us through what to expect from 2018, plus shared the best times for romance for each sign. "Venus is the goddess of beauty, love, affection, and warmth," explained Miller. So, to determine your best time for love, this is the planet Miller tracked. Read on to find out when Venus makes itself comfortable in your neck of the woods, as well as a few other days that will be good for just about anyone.

Capricorn: January 1 through January 16

It may seem that you're getting short-sided with only 16 days of the goddess of love rooting for you, but really it's just because Venus' is already in your corner at the end of 2017. But fear not: January is destined to be a great time for you. "In January, we are going to have six out of ten heavily bodies in Capricorn," says Miller. "These are very rare! That will be a great time for the Capricorns."

Aquarius: January 17 through February 10

In general, Miller feels the front half of the year will have a bit more to offer those looking for love. That means Aquarius women are in luck, as Venus is in the corner at the end of January through to early February. Take advantage of this time and cozy up with that special someone.

Pisces: February 10 through March 6

Good news, Pisces! Your sign is in third place in the running for "best year for love." While Cancer takes top honors, you're both water signs, so you'll enjoy many of the same good vibes. Aside from that, look to February 10 through March 6 as a key time for love next year.

Aries: March 6 through March 31

Aries, you're in for a double whammy. Not only do you have Venus in your chart this year, but you'll also feel the benefit of Jupiter's alignment with the Sun in November. And with a new moon on March 17, there's no telling what this month could mean for your love life.

Taurus: March 31 through April 24

Spring will be a beautiful time-and it won't just be the flowers in bloom. As the seasons change, Venus will be in your chart, showering you with beauty and many opportunities for romance.

Gemini: April 24 through May 19

With Venus in your chart during this time of the year, you should feel confident in many of your decisions. Once she goes retrograde, though, Miller says most people will second-guess their feelings-except you, Gemini. If you see something you like, go out and get it. Your intuition about love is likely spot on.

Cancer: May 19 through June 13

If you're a Cancer looking for love, you're in luck in 2018, says Miller. "In fact, it's the luckiest year for Cancer in the past 12," says Miller. Not only are you primed for astrological perfection with the goddess of love, but Jupiter and Neptune will also be in harmony at the same time, showering you with inspiration. You'll want to make the most of this time.

Leo: June 13 through July 9

While the early summer finds Venus in your neck of the woods, mark November 26, too, says Miller. On this day, Jupiter and the Sun will align, allowing the sun to multiply Jupiter's goodness-and not a minute too soon. "Leo's had a hard time because they had Saturn in their house of love which is a bit of an oxymoron," says Miller. "Saturn only wants you to work and learn lessons." Brighter days are ahead, indeed!

Virgo: July 9 though August 6

Virgo ladies, you have the distinct honor of catching Venus at her last bit of energy-soon she'll lag and then go into retrograde in the fall. Make the most of its time in your chart; she won't be back in full strength for some time.

Libra: August 6 through September 3

Venus begins to lag when she hits Libra, but don't worry, you'll still be able to receive her glow. Even better, Jupiter and Neptune will reach their highest point of harmony on August 19. So, what does that mean for you? "It's very romantic. Neptune is the planet of inspiration!" says Miller.

Scorpio: November 16 through December 6

Things get a little uncertain towards the end of the year as Venus goes retrograde and bounces between Scorpio and Libra. However, you're in second place and primed for most romantic sign of the year. If you want to take advantage of a different planetary influence, look to Jupiter in your chart from November 16 through December 6. "When Jupiter is in your sign-he stays a long time," explains Miller. "There is plenty of opportunity and it comes up when you least expect it."

Sagittarius: November 6

You'll notice Venus does not make its way to your chart in 2018 thanks to a little thing called retrograde. Instead, she'll start 2019 with you. But all is not lost! On November 6, 2018, Jupiter enters your chart, instead, bringing all kinds of opportunities-often when you least expect them.


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