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"The Bachelorette" Star Kaitlyn Bristowe Plans to Wear Two Wedding Dresses

And they're both by Hayley Paige.

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While appearing on The Morning BreathThe Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed that she'll be wearing two dresses for her upcoming wedding to fiancé Shawn Booth. The reality star shared that designer and close friend Hayley Paige created the bride-to-be's two looks.


"My girlfriend is Hayley Paige here in New York, so she obviously gets super excited over wedding dresses, and we've talked about it. So, she's just shown me some of her designs, and I think I chose one that I really loved," Bristowe said. When asked for more details on her dress, she took things one step further, revealing that "there's two" gowns she'll be wearing on her big day.


Kaitlyn Bristowe of "The Bachelorette" Just Tried on Wedding Dresses


Bristowe and Booth have both said that they're not the best at wedding planning, but it sounds like trying on dresses has helped Bristowe get excited about the process. Now that she's ready to plan their wedding, she wants her fiancé to feel the same way. "I want him to go try on a tuxedo or something to get him in the mood," she said to Booth, "I want you to do something that gets you in the mood because it did get me in the mood."


The couple also talked about watching their engagement play out on television, and said that they didn't get the chance to watch it for a long time. "We were at Shawn's sister's house and she put it on and we were like, 'Oh my gosh, this is really cute!'" Although they didn't dish on many of the details beyond the wedding dress, Booth did mention that his dog, Doodle, is in the running to be his best man.