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Everything You Need to Include in Your Ceremony Program

Don't forget these important details.

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While not required, a ceremony program is the perfect way to keep your wedding guests informed about the most special part of your day. You can include pretty much anything you'd like, but there are some standards that make this piece of stationery especially helpful. Here, a round-up of everything you'll like want to include, plus some fun ideas to personalize your program


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The Essentials

Because a ceremony program is optional, there's nothing that's absolutely essential. With that said, if you are creating a program, these are the standards you'll find are most helpful for guests.


Date, Name, and Location

Your wedding program is a great memento to help guests to remember the day. Include both you and your future spouse's names, your wedding date, and the location of the nuptials so that this paper good feels especially personalized to your nuptials. Even if guests don't take them home, your photographer will capture it for your album, so it should be a reminder of the day.


The Bridal Party

Since your wedding guests may know just you or your groom, they're probably not familiar with VIPs on both sides of the aisle. Your guests will appreciate a run down on who's who in the wedding party, and most will like putting a face to the name when everyone walks down the aisle.


Order of Events

This (usually) includes any or all of the following, depending on the format of your ceremony. If you include special readings, a unity ceremony, or a musical selection, you'll want to note those here, too.

  • Seating of the Grandparents

  • Seating of the Mothers

  • Processional

  • Bridal Processional

  • Welcome

  • Prayer

  • Message

  • Exchange of Vows

  • Exchange of Rings

  • Pronouncement of Marriage

  • Presentation of the Couple

  • Recessional


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The Fun Add-Ons

Your ceremony program doesn't have to be all serious. Make it even more special (and informative!) with some of the options below.


Your Wedding Hashtag

If you want your guests to take pictures of the day to share on social media, have them use a hashtag so you can find your photos all in one place. #HappilyEverAfter


A Thank-You from the Couple

You can add a thank-you to your guests in a lot of different places at your wedding, but a special thank-you in the program will make sure that all your guests see it, and it won't end up hidden somewhere at the reception.


A Memorial Message

This is a special way to commemorate those who may not be able to be there to celebrate. A memorial message can be a small way to honor your loved ones who are with you in spirit.