From rich and decadent to light and refreshing, the pros weigh in on what your cake should taste like right now.

By Alyssa Brown
December 08, 2017

A winter wedding allows couples the opportunity to introduce their guests to rich, decadent flavors both in their dinner menu and in their wedding cake. To talk all things winter wedding cake flavors, we tapped the pros. Betsy Thorleifson, owner of Nine Cakes in Brooklyn, New York, and Kelsey Robinson, owner of The Whole Cake in San Francisco, California, recently gave us their takes on the best cake flavors for this time of year.



Is there any other flavor that screams "holiday" quite like gingerbread? Not in Thorleifson's book. "I love the time of year when the flavors are decadent," she says. "One of my favorites is our gingerbread cake full of spices and layered with a coffee buttercream."

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, take note! Thorleifson says the holiday season is the perfect time to serve a rich, dark chocolate cake. To make it more unique, she likes to pair the classic flavor with something a bit more unexpected. "I love our dark chocolate chili cake-the dark chocolate buttercream is spiked with cinnamon and chili," she explains. Robinson agrees: "Anything with some spiciness and a little or a lot of chocolate is great for winter," she adds.


Robinson agrees that spicy and sweet is a winning combination for winter cake flavors. For a holiday-inspired treat, look towards your favorite latte. She recommends a chai cake with candied ginger bits and chocolate Swiss buttercream. "I've also done alternating layers of chocolate and chai with caramel sauce," she says.


This sweet fruit may seem like an unlikely contender for a cake flavor, but Robinson swears it's perfect for the holiday season. "Date cake is a big favorite of mine-it's super gooey and I serve it with caramel and fresh whipped cream," she says.

Triple Citrus

For those couples who prefer a lighter dessert after a hearty winter's dinner, Thorleifson suggests surprising guests with a bright citrus flavor. "It's nice to finish with something refreshing, and our triple citrus cake is another winter favorite-lemon cake, lime curd, and orange cream cheese," she says. "It makes for bright end to a candlelit night."

Orange Olive Oil

Robinson agrees that citrus works well during the holiday season, but she likes to pair the bright fruits with olive oil. She suggests an orange olive oil cake with candied orange peel and vanilla Swiss buttercream for a light end to a decadent dinner.



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