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From Subtle to Splashy: The Best Dinnerware Sets for Every Type of Couple

Upgrade your wedding registry—and your kitchen!—to fit your style and entertaining needs. These chic china sets will help you do just that.

Whether you're a regular entertainer or a hostess hopeful, upgraded dinnerware is a staple on every wedding registry (and in every home!). With so many holidays, birthday parties, and anniversaries to look forward to, you'll soon come to rely on your wedding china to help create a polished tablescape that's fit for any celebration. Before long, these collections will become reminders of your family's best moments. Who knew that a plate could hold so many memories?


Choosing your china, then, is a big life decision, which might feel overwhelming. If you're struggling to find a timeless set that works for your needs and fits with your home's aesthetic, know that there are absolutely no rules you need to follow. From muted, minimal plates and classic banded platters to monogrammed bowls and geometric mugs, selecting elevated dinnerware really depends on your taste. Whatever china you're drawn to—chic and spare, over-the-top embellished, or something in between—we've got a pattern for you. So you and you family can have your plates (and cups, and saucers) and eat off them, too, for every moment, big or small.


Eye-Catching Cups: Elevated china isn't just about the dinnerware. If you most often entertain over a cup of coffee, espresso, or tea, think about upgrading your drinkware. Go bold with "woven" illusion patterns, primal prints, and metallic hues, or subtle with blush pink or matte black. Feeling something more (neo)classic? Grecian-inspired cups, detailed in bas-relief or embossed with mythical heros, bring intrigue to your china cabinet. Whatever you decide, these pieces are sure to impress guests even more than your homemade cappuccino.


The Details: (clockwise) Raynaud "Tresor" Espresso Cup and Saucer, in Blue, $152 and $68, Kelly Wearstler "Marquetry" Teacup and Saucer, $49 and $23, Michael Wainwright "Tempio Luna" Cup and Saucer, in Gold, $120, Noritake "The Alta," in Rose, $100 for a 5-piece set, Michele Varian Matte Porcelain Espresso Set, $168 for 4, KPM “Arkadia” Soup Cup and Saucer, $275, Wedgwood "Jasperware" Teacup and Saucer, in Black, $235,

Less Is More

If your design aesthetic skews toward the understated and minimal, then unadorned and solid dishes and servingware will look right at home in your kitchen. Don't want something totally one-note? Shiny gold or pearly iridescence adds a little flash.


The Details: (clockwise) Royal Doulton Barber & Osgerby's "Olio" 10-inch Platter, in Red, $86, TSE & TSE "Famished Crumble" Large Dish, $107, Rosanna "Let's Party" Plate, in Gold, $20, Hubsch Faceted Bowls, $75 for a set of 5, Jars "Reflets de Maguelone" Plate, in Cream Peach, $42; and "Jardin de Maguelone," in Truffle, $53, TSE & TSE "Thirsty" Teacup, in Gold, $69, Mikasa "Coronado Terracotta" Bowl and Salad Plate, in Pearl, $372 for a 16-piece dinnerware set, Michael Wainwright "Mezza" Large Platter, $120, Wet Vessels by Aviva Rowley Screw Vessel Vase, $150, Hawkins New York "Simple Dinnerware" Round Mug, $24,

Pattern Play

Like a little extra personality in your place setting, but don't want to go with a full-on pattern? Look for styles, like those on the left, that don't flaunt their flair—be it small polka dots, uneven squiggles, or a pastel floral motif. This look is fun and playful, and there's still plenty of bare-naked plate to go 'round. The dinnerware on the right, however, is perfect for all maximalists. Paint splatters, allover flowers, geometric shapes—welcome to the wild world of place settings, where the only rule is "Go bold or go home." Whether you choose a dainty repeating pattern or a bigger motif, you'll have no shortage of personality at the dinner table.


The Details: (at left, clockwise) Herend "Connect the Dots" Dinner Plate, $135; and Dessert Plate, $110, Fürstenberg "Fluen" Breakfast Plate, $138, and Soup Plate, $190, in Shifting Colors, J. Seignolles Limoges "Fil d'Or" Cup and Saucer, $175, Marie Daage "Iris" No. 1 Dessert Plate, in Black, $95, Mikasa "Alaya" Plates and Cup, $129 for a 5-piece set, Kate Spade New York "Bridal Party" Bud Vase, $50, Rosenthal "TAC Palazzo" Plate, Cup, and Saucer, $200 for a 5-piece set, B by Brandie "Connelley" Collection Ringed Soup Bowl, $43,
(At right, clockwise) Hawkins NY "Jackson Dinnerware" Serving Platter, in Black, $108, Marimekko "Oiva/Unikko" Coffee Cup without Handle, $39 for 2, Vista Alegre "Folkifunki" Teapot, $135; and "Chicken" Dinner Plate, $45, Wedgwood "Renaissance Gold Scroll Accent" Salad Plate, $50, Richard Ginori "Aurea" Rectangular Tray, $65; Mug, $95; and Saucer, $35, Hermès "Tie Set" dinner plate, in Mint Green, $150; Dessert Plate, in Garnet, $115; and Cup and Saucer, in Garnet, $180, Gien "Jardins Extraordinaires" Teacup and Saucer, $72, Rörstrand "Mon Amie" Dinner Plate, $22; and Dessert Plate, $20,

Banding Together

Elegant dishes with monograms and contrasting trim are made for the classic couple who want their dining room to feel a little more formal (not the same as stuffy!). The abundance of white makes for a clean look—one that will easily mingle with something more embellished later, if you want to add.


The Details: (clockwise) Pickard "Georgian Colorsheen" Black Plate with Platinum Trim, $72, and Halo Home by KSW monogram, $20, Richard Ginori "Contessa Onice" Soup Plate, $110, Sieger by Fürstenburg "My China" Flat Pasta Plate, $156; and Dish Cover, $530, both in Treasure Gold, Vera Wang by Wedgwood "Venato Imperial" Dinner Plate, $33; and Salad Plate, $22, Noritake "Ake & Sumi Komon" Plates, in Orange and Black, $180 for a 5-piece set, Rosanna "Luxe Moderne" Large Trophy Bowl, $46, Lenox "Contempo Luxe" Scalloped Dinner Plate, $39, Pickard "Colorsheen" Black with Platinum Trim Cup, $67; and Saucer, $31, Deshoulieres "Pharaon" Cake Platter, $250; Coffee Cup, $80; and Coffee Saucer, $40, Martha Stewart Collection "Odyssey" Collection, $560 for a 34-piece set,