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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Are Queens of Bridesmaid Style

The twins have done it again.


18 maids and 1 damn bride #mrandmrsflames #prayforjim

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen epitomize cool-girl style. The fashion-focused twins have a hold on the clothing industry, so of course they look great when serving as bridesmaids. But you won't see the sisters in your standard chiffon gown. They seem to always have a say in the matter (smart choice, brides) and they consistently wow with their wedding-worthy looks. This time, they picked the chicest pair of dresses, making the case for the mismatched-bridesmaids trend.


Posts on Instagram show the posh siblings posing in a group of a bride's best ladies. Everyone's dressed in various renditions of floral, making for a casual and summertime-ready bridal party. It looks as though the women were given a ton of sartorial freedom, and the result is so stunning and super easy-breezy.




Mary-Kate wore an orange, cream, and green ensemble, accented gorgeously with a stunning crown. Check out the volume on that daring dress! And those green shoes sure make a statement! Sister Ashley was a bit more subdued, opting, as usual, for something in black. But her gown was special in its own way, boasting big, patterned sleeves.



When the bride says wear floral, you wear floral.  #mrandmrsflames

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Flower girls  we love you #mrandmrsflames

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The stars appear to have been celebrating the union of Cassie Coane and Jim Koenig. The wedding featured plenty of other great details, aside from the stellar fashion. Hanging, heart-shaped flower arrangements and huge roasts were among them. 



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It certainly looks like it was a memorable celebration!