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You've made it down the aisle—now what comes next? We're helping you navigate your first year of marriage and beyond—from having your first child to buying your first home. Ahead, we talk money, to-do lists, relationship advice, and more, so buckle up and get excited for this new chapter.

The Big Stuff

Look forward to your long-term goals with these handy tips. Plus, learn how to tackle the challenges—they're inevitable, but they're sure to make you stronger. 


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Post-Honeymoon Plans

Unfortunately, your honeymoon can't last forever. But wedded bliss can! Here's what to tackle when you get back from your travels to seamlessly ease into married life.


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What to Expect

Married life is bound to come with plenty of surprises. Although there are some you'll have to take on as they come, there are many we can help you prepare for. Find out what's in store when you finally tie the knot, and avoid falling prey to pesky post-wedding myths. 




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First-Year To-Dos

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Home Sweet Home

Settle into married life with a shared sanctuary—your home. Get pointers for customizing your abode, whether through using your registry gifts or adding to your stock. By doing so, you'll make the most of your joint nest.


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Let's Talk Money

Combined incomes, newlywed budgets, saving up—there's a lot to consider when it comes to finances after your big day. Take a deep breath and rest easy, because you can tackle it together. 


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Been There, Done That

You don't need a fancy degree to nail married life. Sometimes learning comes best from lived experiences, which is why we turned to the experts themselves. Spouses share their tips for acing the first year and beyond. 


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Happy Anniversary!

Your anniversary will be here before you know it, so make the most of the major milestone. Pop a bottle, start planning, and get reminiscing—these ideas will help you embrace the occasion.  


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Cheers to your first year, and to many more to come!