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4 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Bouquet

Have and hold your petals a little longer.

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bouquet preservation
Photography by: Graham Pollack

Your wedding flowers will be pretty, well-planned, and—let's face it—probably expensive. So what's a bride to do to get the most out of her blooms and buds? Your bouquet can be more than a memory after the big day. Try one of these ideas for preserving it:


What to Do with All of Those Flowers Post-Wedding


1. Turn them into stationery.

Press flowers between sheets of parchment and under heavy books for seven to ten days. Once the flowers are papery and dry, use acid-free archival glue to secure them to thick paper to use as a card or to frame.


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2. Make a fashion statement.

Mail flowers to artist Cara Marie Piazza, and she'll use them to embellish a silk slip, robe, scarf, or your own garment, steaming impressions into the fabric.


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3. Customize a candle.

Use blooms in a custom memory candle that won't melt away—this one is hollow and comes with an illuminated base (not shown)—or you can use a battery-operated tea light


Memory Candle, from $90,


4. Create a keepsake.

Enclose dried petals in a sachet: Stitch two ribbons (10" long by 2½" wide) lengthwise. Fold the combined ribbons in half, then sew the outer edges to create a pouch; flip inside out, fill with flowers, and cinch with a string.


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