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Freshen Up Your Tablescape with Centerpieces Made of Dried Flowers

Fit for the modern bride.

good things dry goods
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

It's time to dust off dried flowers' stodgy, fussy reputation. They can feel fun, and, well, fresh. They're practical, too—arrangements can be made much further ahead than those with just-cut blooms. To achieve an elegant look, keep displays spare and clean: Stick with one type of bloom per vase, and remove any cracked, dry leaves from stems. And experiment with scale. One large piece, like a palm frond, may make a statement on its own, while smaller blooms, like these globe thistles, look more artful when clustered as a group in a variety of vessels. See other dry goods to use on your tables.


Flowers You Never Thought of Using on Your Wedding Day
wheat detail
Photography by: Bryan Gardner



Before your mind travels to a lush farm—hear us out. Though this dried plant is definitely more rustic and cold-weather than others, there are so many ways to use wheat on your big day. Bundle up a bunch into a mason jar for a rustic centerpiece, or add in straws into any floral centerpiece to add texture.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner



With the variety of pods out there, options on how to include them are endless. Add them into your centerpiece, bouquet, or even make them the standout detail of your guy's boutonniere.

palm leaf
Photography by: Bryan Gardner



This floral screams summer/beach/destination weddings. Put a bunch into a tall glass centerpiece to give the effect of a palm tree, or lay them flat on the table as a sort of makeshift table runner.

tallow berry
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Tallow Berry


These dried berries are very unique. The white berries are on short stems, and work as great neutral details in centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres and even on place cards.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner



The name comes from the spikes, which resemble a foxtail. The neutral color goes well with any color palette, and the look adds a fun texture to your arrangement.

cotton detail
Photography by: Bryan Gardner



Believe it or not, we've been seeing cotton centerpieces more and more. The bundles represent a rustic and wintry vibe that pairs well with cool greens and lush metallic.