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The Pros and Cons of Planning a Winter Wedding

Baby, it's cold outside: Should that stop you from getting married in winter?

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In many parts of the country, saying I do between December and February (and sometimes March) can be complicated in a way that June weddings aren't. Mostly those complications involve extreme weather conditions and how to get from Point A to Point B. But there are plenty of good reasons to get married during shiver season too. We play both sides of the fence with our list of pros and cons below.


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It's off-season, so you'll save a bundle.

It won't be difficult to find discounted rates and packages on everything from catering to photography. And if any vendor doesn't offer a lower rate, ask for one. Since it's not prime time for weddings, they may be willing to give you one to get your business.


It's much more likely you'll get your top choices for vendors.

For a summer or fall wedding, the competition to book the most popular vendors may be fierce; in the winter, there are fewer weddings and it's easier to hire who you want.


Snow is a great photo prop.

You can write and draw in it, use it as a photo backdrop, and stage snowball fights (bridesmaids versus groomsmen!). All those pure white glistening flakes falling gently on your dress will make you sparkle even more.


You get to wear a long flowing cape.

The look is very majestic, very Dr. Zhivago, and the perfect detail to complement your dress. Fur works with a wedding dress too.


The weather could cause major problems.

You obviously know the weather won't be balmy but you're not expecting a blizzard either. But blizzards happen so you'd be smart to have a contingency plan if the snow keeps falling and falling. Cover everything from alternate places to take photos to how you'll tell guests if the wedding has been postponed.



Some guests won't want to travel.

Traveling, whether by air, car, or train, is difficult for some people in the winter. This is especially true for elderly folks, so think about the likelihood of your older relatives who live in different parts of the country from you making it to your cold-weather wedding. Be gracious if they decline.


Your flower choices may be limited.

Since it's out of season for many popular blooms, you may have to give up the idea of peonies in January and go with another flower. But the list of available winter flowers is pretty awesome too, including ranunculus,  Phalaenopsis orchid, and stephanotis.



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