Use your favorite devil's food cake recipe to make this classic American layer cake that gets dressed up with geraniums for an informal wedding.



Ingredient Checklist


Frost the tiers:
  • Set each on a cardboard round at least 2 inches wider in diameter. Use an offset spatula to frost generously with frosting, creating a swoopy finish.

Place the dowels:
  • Place 1 dowel in center of largest tier, then 4 dowels in a circle 2 inches from center. In center of midsize tier, place remaining 4 dowels 1 1/2 inches apart in a square. These dowels will support the plastic drip trays.

Instructions Checklist
Instructions Checklist
Prepare trays for geraniums:
  • In center of 14-inch plastic tray, glue 9-inch Styrofoam round. Cut floral foam blocks to measure 3 inches high, then cut 2 blocks into pieces to fit in the space between the Styrofoam round and the edge of 14-inch plastic tray. Cut remaining 2 blocks of foam into pieces to fill 6- and 4-inch trays.

Stack the tiers:
  • At the reception site, place floral foam in sink filled with cool water. Once foam absorbs enough water to sink, return it to its drip tray. Place the prepared 14-inch drip tray on the cake table. Center prepared 6-inch drip tray on foam on the 16-inch tier and 4-inch drip tray on the 12-inch tier. Firmly attach 7-inch pillars to the 11- and 7-inch clear plastic separator plates. Center 11- inch separator plate, pillars pointing down, on the 16-inch tier, and push it straight down into tier until it can go no further. You may need to adjust drip tray slightly for pillars to fit around it. Place 7-inch separator plate on the 12-inch tier in the same way. Remove 16-inch tier from round and center on Styrofoam. Remove 12-inch tier from round and center on 11-inch separator plate; similarly place 8-inch tier on 7-inch plate.

Instructions Checklist
Decorate with geraniums:
  • Cut geranium stems long enough to reach floral foam so blossom extends just beyond tier above it. Use wooden skewer to create holes in foam for stems; gently push stems into foam.