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Every Wedding Photo You Need to Take with the Mother of the Bride

16 pictures to add to your shot list.

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Photography by: Corbin Gurkin

One of a mother's most treasured memories is her daughter's wedding. Even though it's the bride's big day, it's a monumental occasion for her mom as well. Capture cherished moments by adding these 16 photo ideas to your wedding shot list.


Before the Ceremony


Photography by: Trent Bailey Photography

1. Getting ready

Have your photographer capture shots of primping and priming in the bridal suite. You'll always want to remember the sweet anticipation you felt when your mom zipped your dress, fixed your veil, and put on her lipstick.


2. Something borrowed

If your mom lent you jewelry or other sentimental items for your wedding, photograph her incorporating the piece into your bridal look.

wedding family
Photography by: Cassidy Carson Photography

3.  A generational shot

Round up your mother and your grandmother for a set of family photos that span three generations.


4. Family shots

Pose with both of your parents, as well as your siblings, grandparents, and entire immediate family.


5. A bride and her mother-in-law

Also remember to take a photo with both your mother and your mother-in-law.

Photography by: Ryan Ray

6. The first look

Your future husband won't be the only one with a sweet first reaction to your beautiful bridal ensemble.


7. Your engagement rings

Place your hand next your mother's, so you can both show off your engagement bling for a picture.  


8. Getting to the ceremony


If your mom is walking or driving to the ceremony site with you, have the photographer come along for the journey.


9. Giddy anticipation


The last moments you share with your mom before walking down the aisle are sure to be full of love, excitement, and emotion.



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Photography by: Pablo Béglez

During the Ceremony

10. Walking down the aisle


If your mom is walking you down the aisle, make sure the photographer takes shots from multiple angles.


11. Mom's reaction during the vows

Raw emotions, like those of a mother during her daughter's nuptials, are the key to a great photograph.


12. Embracing as you recess up the aisle

You'll both be filled with hugs and smiles immediately after you become a newlywed.

Photography by: Charlotte Jenks Lewis

After the Ceremony


13. The couple and their parents

Give special attention to the day's main couples: the bride and groom, the mother and father of the bride, and the mother and father of the groom. Even better, go for a cute shot, like all three couples kissing side by side.  


14. Sipping champagne


During the reception, both mother and daughter can relax with some food and glasses of champagne.


15. Parents of the bride dancing together

You'll want to capture this affectionate moment between the parents of the bride at the reception.


16. Other special moments

Do you plan on giving your mom a special gift? Is she giving a toast? Have your photographer capture all of these sentimental moments on film.


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