We want a love like that.

By Taysha Murtaugh
September 08, 2016

Being happily married for nearly a half century is reason enough for a photo shoot-especially when the couple is as adorable as Andy and Margaret Bryceland. That's what prompted a mutual friend to connect them to Australian photographer Ben Yew, who photographed the couple and Perth, Australia residents in honor of their anniversary. "She suggested to the couple that they needed a 46th anniversary shoot because they looked so awesome and loving together after 46 years," Yew told us.

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Andy, 69, and Margaret, 67, were born in a small town in Scotland, both from big families of seven kids. When they met at a local youth club, Margaret was 16 and Andy was 19. "I thought Margaret was cute and innocent," Andy said. "She thought I was nice-natured-plus she thought I had lots of money," he joked.

"We had a great feeling of togetherness between us and still have it to this day," Margaret said.

Four years later, on May 16, 1970, they were married in Port Glasgow, Scotland, and have since welcomed four children and moved to Perth. The photo shoot was just as much for their family as it was for Andy and Margaret-Andy says it will be "something nice to leave the children and grandchildren."

For the session, which took place around Perth and Fremantle, "We wanted to portray something simple yet romantic for them," Yew said.

"We started at our house because we wanted to feel comfortable at home," Andy explained.

"Then we headed outside because the weather was good that day and Jappalin, my ex-neighbor who is also the florist [Jappalin Manning of Flower Talk], gave me the idea to use her bicycle with flowers for the session. Turned out amazing."

After 46 years of marriage (and 50 years together!), Andy and Margaret say they enjoy traveling, cooking, reading, and the cinema-plus "growing old and appreciating each another and having fun along the way." Their secret to a long, happy marriage? "Marriage has to have one boss, so you have to learn these two words, 'Yes dear,'" Andy said, adding: "The boss changes from day to day."

Margaret had a more serious take: "Be true to one another, patient and thoughtful."

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"They are such a fun and energetic couple," Yew said. "Oh, photogenic as well! From the first time I met them, I was already excited for the shoot." Yew's favorite part of the day was watching Andy cycle Margaret around. "It turned out well and I just enjoy capturing moments and movements. Glad Andy cycled well!"

"When I see their photos, I get slightly emotional thinking that this is now captured like a time machine and as we move on in life, we sometimes forget how lucky we are," Yew said. "The images are something that I think would remind us how important our loved ones are to us."

The couple's reaction to seeing the photos? "We were very impressed, blown away by how good we looked," Andy said.

The Details

Photography: Ben Yew Photography

Flowers and styling: Flower Talk

Hair and makeup: Fitzadi


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