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DIY Wrapping Projects That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Wedding Favors

  • By Becky Mickel
  • Photos by Bryan Gardner

We've all heard that "it's what's inside that counts," but paying attention to presentation is far from shallow. The four wrapping duos that follow offer easy ways to make favors into memorable send-offs. 

Clear Containers + Labels

Gifts often possess an element of surprise, but these statements of appreciation bare all. Our see-through packaging and to-the-point black-and-white tags (download them at make for totally transparent takeaways. After all, there's no harm in being direct when you want to say thanks!


Pink Packaged Journal: Envelope, $1.25,; Ballpoint pen, $12 for 12,; Volant journal, $10, Moleskine.comTriangle Box of Candies: Lemonheads, $10 for 2 lb.,; Triangle boxes, 65¢ each, Glerup.comGlass Bottle: Kings County Distillery moonshine, $20, AstorWines.comTrio of Salts: Dead Sea salt, $14 for 5 lb.,; Himalayan pink salt, $10.25/lb.,; Hiwa Kai black salt, $13.25/lb.,; Box, $17.50 for 16, USPlastic.comStacked Candies: Hot-pink votives, $49.50 for 75, 212-564-6086; Plastic box, $8.50 for 50, Papermart.comMimosa Stem: Bud vases, $42 for 12, 212-206-7687.

Kraft Paper + Stamps

You've left a mark on every last detail of your wedding, and the parting mementos should be no exception. Impress upon invitees how much they mean to you with useful favors tucked inside rustic-but-chic packages made of humble papers and inked designs. From retro motifs to parchment paper wrapping, the rustic-chic look can totally work for any type of favor you want to send home with your guests.  The creations look simple because they are, but as we all know by now, the simplest things are often the ones we love the most.


Retro Motif Notebooks: Notebook, from $2,; Cavallini & Co. Curiosities rubber-stamp set, $28, PaperSource.comStamped Tag: Kraft tag, $5 for 10,; Silverware stamp, $6.75,; Parchment paper, $4.50 for 70 sq. ft., ThriveMarket.comBag of Coffee Beans: Stamps, from $10 each,; Tin-tie coffee bags, $17 for 100, Papermart.comDonut Holder: Dulce de leche doughnuts with almonds, $3 each,; Bagel boxes, $10.75 for 50,; Rubber-stamp set, $18, HeroArts.comParchment Wrapping Paper: Rubber-stamped tag, $10.50,

Patterned Paper + String

Wrap gifts beautifully without a major investment at the stationery store. Here, we made our own wrappings for favors like a sweet bar of soap, a jar of marmelade, and a pocket journal, by printing delicate botanical and cartographic images (designed with free artwork from on plain paper, then tied the bundles with simple string. The results are utterly precious presents. Visit to download our designs.

Wrapped Chocolate Bars: Bodrato milk chocolate bars, $6 each,; Silamide waxed nylon thread, $10.25/spool, FireMountainGems.comPocket Journal: Pencils, $11 for 36,; Karin Öberg Kalinka yarn, in cyan, $20.50, PurlSoho.comJar of Jam: Scyavuru bitter orange marmalade, $9, Eataly.comWrapped Soap: Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm balsam soap bars, $10 each, NewYorkMakers.comWrapped Flower Pot.

Gold Foil + Tape

Adhesive is typically an invisible savior. But when tape and stickers—now available in many patterns, colors, and sheens—get paired with gold foil, they're definitely display-worthy. Shop for metallic surprises, shimmering filler, and luxe wrappings to bundle souvenirs that are festive enough for the most momentous occasion of all: your wedding!


Peel and Seal: D. Barbero torroncini, $16 for 8.8 oz.,; Envelope, $1,; Little B Decorative paper tape, $2.75/roll, CreateforLess.comShiny Bubble Mailer: Confetti, $4 for 2 oz.,; Candles, $12 for 20, 212-473- 3000; Mailer, $2.25,; Foil tape, $3.50/roll, WashiLane.comWrapped Sparklers: Detachable sparkler wand letters, $6, tops; Origami paper, assorted colors, $6 for 36 sheets, 212-463-7035; Matchboxes, $104.50 for 50,; Gold labels, $15 for 100, JamPaper.comGlammed Up Notebook: Notebook, $14 for 2,; Me & My Big Ideas letter stickers, $7,; Foil envelope, $1,; Gold labels, $10 for 100,; Washi tape, $3.50, CuteTape.comWrapped Champagne: Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Rosé, $350 for 24,; Mylar, $16/roll,; Label, $10 for 100,