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How to Keep Your Long-Distance Bridesmaid in the Loop

It can be tough if one of your bridesmaids doesn't live close to you and the rest of your leading ladies. But there are ways to alleviate the stress of distance on the events leading up to your wedding.

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From helping you say yes to the dress to assisting with your bridal shower to researching the best hotel deals for your traveling guests, here's how you can help her help you from afar. 

Let her play up her talents

While your friend from afar may not be able to assist in the day-to-day planning of execution of the events leading up to your nuptials, Lisa Costin, owner of event planning company A Charming Fete, says that there are ways to allow her to help you using her current resources. "One of our brides had an out-of-town bridesmaid who was a graphic designer," Costin says. "She created all the stationery products for her wedding," including menu cards, seating cards, table numbers and ceremony programs. "It meant so much to the bride that she was able to add such a beautiful and personal touch to the wedding, although she was hundreds of miles away," Costin says.


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Use technology to your advantage

In this day and age, there's no reason your remote bridesmaid can't FaceTime or videochat during bridal gown shopping, Costin says. "She can also help decide which makeup style looks best on the bride through sharing photos from trials with your stylist," she adds. And you don't have to limit the sharing of ideas about bridal style, but you can request her opinion on many elements of the big day, including shoe options for bridesmaids, types of jewelry, and if you're up for it, even the dresses' color.

Be considerate of potential travel restrictions

Being a bridesmaid can get pricy, and when you throw in airfare, that number will only increase. This is something to keep in mind when planning the bachelorette party. "You may find a location/destination city in between that will make travel easier for her," Costin says.


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Choose a bridesmaid dress designer she can access

Many specific dress selections are offered in more locations that one. "Ask her to try on different bridesmaids' gowns in her home city, as many designers are available nationwide," Costin adds. "We've had many brides do this!"

Make sure she gets her fill right before the wedding day

Allowing your remote bridesmaid to assist with the putting together of welcome bags, and having her accompany you to your mani-pedi appointments in the days leading up to your I do's is one way to make her feel appreciated and a part of the process, Costin says. And the list goes on: Going with you to pick up your gown, putting final touches on favors, and helping you prep for your rehearsal dinner by picking out your outfit and shoes are all useful ways she can participate. "Of course, she is very important to the bride (and groom) if she was asked to be part of the wedding party," Costin says. "So we definitely want her to feel included."