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Best (and Worst) Places to Store Your Engagement Ring When It's Not on Your Finger

Your diamond is your treasure—here's how to keep it safe and secure around the clock.

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As much as you'd like to never take off your diamond engagement ring, wearing it 24/7 is risky. Household chemicals, chlorine, and hard surfaces are just a few things that could damage the stone or loosen the metal, causing the rock to fall out. Say a temporary buh-bye to your ring when you're doing the dishes, playing sports, swimming, working out, using hairspray, applying moisturizer, even when you're sleeping (experts say that the weight from your body against your hand reshapes your ring over time, which could loosen the stone). But once you've removed your ring, where are you supposed to put it? Here are our top picks for the best places to safely store it—and the worst.


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The Best Places for Your Ring

An individual fabric pouch.

Diamonds are known to be hardy, but they're not indestructible. That's why the pouch's material should be soft as a feather—silk, velvet, or cotton are good choices—so the diamond doesn't get scratched. An individual bag is crucial, too, since coming into contact with other rings or jewelry could also damage your gem.

A fabric-lined jewelry case.

Bonus points if it has a separate compartment for your ring, again to avoid scratches from other jewelry. Think of your diamond as a diva!

Its original jewelry box.

Did you save the box your ring came in, the one you first spied when he proposed? It's a perfect fit for your ring, so why not use it?

A kitchen drawer.

Consider this a temporary spot if your permanent secure location, like a jewelry case on your bedroom dresser, isn't convenient when you're kneading dough or scrubbing pots.

A memorable place.

It won't do you any good if you put your ring in such an out-of-the-way spot that you don't remember where it is.

The Worst Places for Your Ring

A locker at the gym.

You may think no one can break your lock's code, but it happens. So has forgetting to close your locker, making it a free-for-all for any unscrupulous people walking by. The best thing to do with your ring when you're going to the gym is to not wear it. Leave it at home.

On the kitchen sink.

Big open drains have a funny way of luring little rings to jump down into their evil depths, never to be seen again.

On a windowsill.

It might fall off and bounce, damaging your rock or loosening the prongs.

Wrapped in a tissue.

Because people throw tissues away.

Your pocket.

You may forget the ring's in there, or it could fall out when you're pulling out your phone, or it could go through the washing machine!

A wooden box with no lining.

We can hear your ring moaning, "That hurts!" Think soft instead.