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How To Create a Faux Flower Wall for Your Wedding

Make like Kimye with a floral wall as your ceremony décor, but save on the cost of roses, peonies, and gardenias when you use artificial flowers that create an equally-lush look. Here, get tips for turning a trellis and some spray-painted silk flowers into a vibrant wedding backdrop.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner


  • Pipe-and-drape kit
  • Two veranda white vinyl trellises
  • Zip ties
  • Acrylic spray paint (we used Montana Gold)
  • Faux ficus leaves
  • Faux flowers (Tip: has an amazing selection where you can get any type of faux flower in just about any color you want!)
Photography by: Bryan Gardner


  • Set up pipe-and-drape kit according to manufacturer's directions.
  • Attach top of trellis to horizontal pipe with zip ties (one tie per opening).
  • Spray-paint leaves and two-thirds of flowers, leaving a third of the blooms white; let dry overnight.
  • Use zip ties to attach leaves to trellis, creating a base.
  • Attach flowers by threading stems between leaf base and trellis. 


Pipe-and-drape kit, $140 without the drape,; white vinyl trellises (4 ft by 8 ft), $20 each,; Montana Gold acrylic spray paint, $8 per can,; faux ficus leaves, $12 for case of 12,; faux peonies, $20 for 60 flowers,; faux open rose bushes, $17 for 12,; giant open rose bush, $40,