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The Ultimate Marriage Proposal Checklist

Everything you need to do before popping the question.


You have decided to pop that all-important question to the love of your life, and now it's time to prepare. But there are a few things you need to do before you get down on one knee! Here, our proposal checklist.


1. Talk To Her Parents

We know this may seem old fashioned, but it's always a nice gesture to check in with the people who gave life to and raised your future fiancé to be the wonderful woman she is now. You don't necessarily have to ask permission, but her parents will no doubt feel special for being included in the big secret and they'll definitely be extremely excited for the two of you.


2. Find the Perfect Ring

You may have already discussed ring options with your girlfriend, and if you did, you're set! But, if you really want the proposal to be a surprise, talk to her mom, sisters, or best friends, they'll probably know her preferences best. Or you could, casually mention to her, "did you see so and so got engaged" and see how she reacts to the ring

Photography by: Sang An

3. Figure a Place to Hide the Ring Box

We know this seems like a trivial detail but trust us, it's not. You don't want to leave the box in an obvious place like your sock drawer or in your nightstand. Even if you think she'd never have a reason to go into those spots, life is unpredictable and there's definitely a chance she could. Instead, hide it in an old shoebox, or stuff it away in the back of your closet. And wear an outfit with hidden pockets on the day of the proposal—a box poking out of your jeans is a dead giveaway!


4. Scout the Location

Look around your neighborhood for romantic parks, intimate cafés, or a spot with a great view of your city. Alternatively, you could cater it to something more personal, like the restaurant where you had your first date, her favorite local ice cream store, or spot where you first met. If she likes to hike, bring her on a trail with a picnic at the end. If she's a yogi, set up a private yoga class for the two of you. Pick a place or an activity that speaks to your relationship and your girl's personality, because that's what you fell for in the first place, right?


5. Make Sure the Timing Works

If you're planning a big night in with all her favorite snacks and movies, make sure it's on a night when she's completely free. Check in with her friends to see if she made last-minute plans or see if you can peek into her work schedule to see if she's planning on working late. Even better, make the plan a couple weeks in advance to be sure there won't be any conflicts. Once you pop the question, she's going to want to be able to spend quality time with you, so make sure her schedule allows for that.


6. Practice Your Speech

We're not saying you need to write out a speech, but we guarantee it'll mean so much more if you tell her how much she means to you before asking for her hand in marriage. Seeing as you love this girl enough to spend the rest of your lives together, this part shouldn't be too hard.

Photography by: Lindsey Ocker Photography

7. Don't Forget About the Part After She Says Yes!

Have a dinner reservation set up, or a bottle of champagne hidden away somewhere so the two of you can celebrate! Be sure to tell your close family about the big news before posting anything on social media. But don't worry, after the phone calls and the inevitable happy tears, you and your now-fiancé can definitely post away on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, or whatever social media outlet your heart desires.