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8 Questions That Are Totally Annoying Your Wedding Planner

After being in the wonderful world of wedding planning for over 15 years, industry pro Alison Hotchkiss Rinderknecht of Alison Events understands that there is no question left unasked, not a nerve left untouched. She understands that brides are coming from an innocent place when they ask, so please read these most frustrating questions with a grain of salt and laugh along with us!

Photography by: Mi Belle Photographers

"So, you'll be there on the day of, right?"

It's funny that people think we would spend months and months working on their wedding and attend multiple site visits and meetings and calls to coordinate everything then expect us to not physically be there. The day of the wedding is such a important time not only to you, but to us! We've put our blood, sweat, and tears into the planning and production of this special day and and we sure as heck aren't going to miss it!


"There's this great band we saw in concert. Can we get them for our wedding?"

A touring band is very different from a wedding band. While there have been some weddings where we have booked a touring band that doesn't traditionally play weddings, this can be risky. Touring bands are reluctant to book several months in advance as they want to keep their options open for festivals or other tours. There have been instances where we book said band and they back out two months before the wedding, despite their contract. Remember, if they get a chance to play their dream tour, they understandably will ALWAYS choose that over your wedding gig.


"The (insert vendor here) costs $X, can you negotiate their price down further?"

As a wedding planner, we will always do our best to build you a reasonable budget and manage our clients expectations within that budget. We have long-standing relationships with our vendors that we work with, and they often name prices based on that relationship. While we are happy to put some pressure on the vendor to reduce costs where they can, there's a fine line between fair negotiations and aggressive negotiation that can often leave the vendor feeling slighted or undervalued. 


"I have a very demanding job and can ONLY meet at 8 p.m. on weekdays or on Saturdays. Can you make that work?"

We are always willing to adjust our schedules where we can to accommodate our clients. It is important for us to set boundaries early on in our relationships with our clients. We want every event we plan to be a success and our clients to feel they are top priorities. We work with people all around the world on different time schedules and are always able to find a common ground without overextending ourselves and keeping a healthy work/life balance.


"Can you make sure the hotel puts us on the 10th floor, fourth room down the hall from the elevator, facing the courtyard next to my mom's room, with my sister's room being on the other side, and then the bridesmaids rooms further down the hallway?"

Hotels will always do their best to accommodate requests as much as they can. Unless you are doing a full hotel buyout, it is almost impossible to guarantee any of these requests for a hotel as they have other paying guests they need to respect as well. 


"I am talking to a lot of planners right now. What is the best price you can offer to do my wedding?"

While we completely understand and respect meeting with a few different planners to find the best fit for the engaged couple, we do not believe in discounting our expert services just to "win" a client. There are plenty of weddings and plenty of planners that are excellent at what they do. The decision of which planner to move forward with should be heavily based on personality fit and NOT on their fee. 


"We think five hours of photography is plenty of time ... can you ask the photographer to cut the quote down from eight hours?"

Seasoned wedding photographers know what amount of time they need to capture the caliber of photos that a couple and their families expect from their wedding. Always defer to the photographer or planner's expertise on how much time is needed to properly capture the day. 


"Flowers aren't important to us. We just want lots of candles, so that should save us a lot of money, right?"

Décor does not come cheap. Candles are NOT inexpensive! Just like flowers, they are a one-time use, and the candleholder can be just as much, if not more than a vase. Whether you choose to have abundant florals or hundreds of candles, the amount of décor needed to have an impact on the space is going to come at a cost. There are ways to cut back on floral prices by substituting high-end blooms for a less expensive option. It all comes down to the look you are trying to achieve.