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9 Signs a Wedding Planner Is Right for You

Stefanie Cove, managing partner at Yifat & Oren Associates (and event planner extraordinaire!), tells us what to look for in a wedding planner, and signs that they're right for you.

Photography by: Buena Vista/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Finding the right planner is one of the most important parts of the wedding-planning process. This process should be treated seriously; be sure to interview a few different companies before making any decisions. This will help open your eyes to the different styles and services that are available, and ultimately which one is best for you. I also recommend requesting at least three prior client references that you may reach out to and pick their brain about their experiences with the planner. Here are a few other ways to tell if a wedding planner is good fit for you.

You enjoy spending time together.

Countless hours will be spent discussing sensitive details such as close family, personal funds, and other intimate topics. Make sure this is someone you are comfortable with and trust. A good rule of thumb is to hire someone you would be friends with, even after your event is over.


Your planner is open to your ideas and vendor suggestions.

Most planners have preferred vendors, but they should be willing to hear your suggestions—it is your wedding after all!


A good planner will be honest and open from the beginning in regards to budget.

Even if they aren't saying what you want to hear. I truly believe in speaking numbers from the get-go and not sugar-coating the real cost.


In the early stages of planning, your planner should be offering to review your contracts for the venue, hotels, vendors, etc.

Planners know what to look for, and nothing should be signed without their approval.  


Your planner is organized.

The best planners keep records of details from your initial meetings and continue to bring up these details throughout the process. Your planner schedules and keeps everything organized for you and sends reminders before appointments!


The planner you chose should be assertive, period.

You want someone who can represent you in a knowledgeable way and never get pushed around.


Your planner should be calm under pressure.

If your planner appears stressed out (ever), that is a problem. You (and your guests) will feed off stress, and that is not what we are going for!


Although your planner may seem like your new BFF, he/she maintains a professional experience throughout the planning.

Once the wedding is over, you can start planning happy hour dates.  


You know your planner is the correct fit if you are relaxed and enjoy the process.

You don't want wedding planning to feel like a stressful whirlwind. Enjoy each meeting. If your planner is doing his or her job, this will be a piece of cake (no pun intended!).