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5 Bridal Freak-Outs That Are Totally Acceptable

Sometimes a girl just has to let go and have a bridezilla moment.

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The freakout often happens with just a few weeks to go before the big day. Whether it's your MOH, your mother, or Mother Nature, someone or something is troubling you. At first, you say nothing, then you start complaining a little. Before long, you're in full–throttle bitch mode. And who could blame you? It's your wedding, and you want everything to be perfect. Here are a few examples of what sets off many brides and how to make the screaming stop.

1. Your maid of honor is a total flake.

She's supposed to be on top of things—reminding the bridesmaids of their dress fittings, arranging the bachelorette party, listening to you complain about his mom, etc. But she's often MIA.

How to calm down: While you probably don't want to "fire" her (unless as a last resort!), you can have a talk (don't text) with her, explaining how you need her to focus and take care of her responsibilities. Give her another chance, but if she's still acting like a ditz, ask one of the bridesmaids to take over—she won't get a title change, but she will get your unending gratitude.


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2. They're predicting rain on your wedding day.

You've been envisioning an outdoor wedding reception for a long time and can't believe Mother Nature would be so cruel as to rain on your parade.

How to calm down: Since you have time to prepare, see if there's a room at your ceremony location that could comfortably accommodate a last-minute reception. If not, rent a tent and flooring so your entire guest list can eat, dance, and make merry outdoors without getting wet.


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3. You hate your wedding-day hairstyle.

You wanted soft and romantic and somehow ended up with a headful of Shirley Temple curls. Your bridesmaids are doing a poor job of convincing you that "it looks beautiful" (because it doesn't).

How to calm down: Get the hairstylist back and see if she can fix it. And if it's still not your dream look, remember that your hair doesn't really matter. Your bridal glow will win out over an off hairdo every time.


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4. Your mom wants to adjust the guest list.

She keeps insisting that you need to invite her friend-of-a-friend from spin class whom you've never met.

How to calm down: Explain to Mom that you don't want strangers—someone neither you nor your fiancé knows—at your wedding. It could get harder to stand your ground, though, if Mom is paying for the wedding, because money wields power in some cases.


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5. The groomsmen are planning to spend most of your reception hanging out at the hotel bar watching the big game.

You love sports too, but really? At a wedding? What's worse is that your fiancé doesn't seem particularly concerned about it. Maybe he's planning to join them?

How to calm down: Short of asking the bar to switch to the History Channel, there's not much you can do to prevent someone from leaving your party for an ESPN fest. But, realistically, it's just a few guys and not your entire guest list that's planning to multitask at the wedding. As long as it's not your husband, don't worry about it.


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