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The Married Couple Behind "The Planet D" Shares Their Best Travel Advice

For this regular series, we reached out to globetrotting travel bloggers, chefs, designers, and other tastemakers to find out everything from their go-to gadgets to the most romantic meal they've ever had. Because who better to share their insight about how to have an unforgettable honeymoon (or really, any future vacation as a married couple) than those who have spent a lot of time on the road?

Photography by: Courtesy of The Planet D

Being married for more than 20 years is an amazing accomplishment—even more so when you've traveled together to more than 100 countries on all seven continents. Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil have done just that, and launched an award-winning travel blog called The Planet D along the way and appearing on media outlets like the BBC and The Today Show. Here, the couple tells us about their most romantic getaway, how they prep for a long flight, and more.

Aisle or window?

Aisle. When we travel together, we prefer the center row. Dave takes the aisle, while Deb sits in the middle. In the center, nobody has to step over us.

Check or carry-on?


What electronics or gadgets do you always pack and why?

As professional travel bloggers, we carry a lot of electronics, including photography and video equipment, MacBook Pro laptops, two external hard drives (one for photos one for videos), and our iPhones.


All of the above is for our work, but we do have some clever travel gadgets that we think everyone should carry, including the Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger. It has three outlets and two USB chargers so you can charge up to five devices at once. Plus you don't have to worry about power surges or outages because it is also a surge protector. We also carry a portable power source from RAV Power to charge our cameras or cell phones while we are out and about.

What are your tips for fitting souvenirs in your suitcase?

We like packing our clothes around our souvenirs so they don't get damaged, keeping everything snug so nothing moves. If you plan to buy a lot, consider bringing a collapsible duffel bag that you can pack on the way there and check on your way home. And we have often sent things home through the mail. It's like Christmas when your package arrives!

Favorite souvenir from your travels:

We always try to buy something that is indicative of the location. We love our blow dart from Borneo, our didgeridoo from Australia, and our Maasai staff given to us by a warrior chief in Kenya.

What is the most romantic destination you've visited?

Santorini, Greece. We spent seven days on this island and it was made for romance.

Most romantic hotel?

Andronis, Santorini. With its infinity pool overlooking the caldera and Agean Sea, private outdoor baths, and breakfasts on the balcony, this hotel is pure relaxation and romance.

Most romantic meal?

At the Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler, British Columbia. We started our evening with a vodka tasting at the world's coldest ice bar, and then sabered a champagne bottle in the wine cellar. Then, we had a five-course tasting menu with wine pairings. For dessert, they made ice cream at the table with liquid nitrogen. After dinner, we snuggled by the fire in our hotel room. Now that's romance.

How do you prepare for a long flight?

We put together a bag containing noise cancelling headphones, earplugs, eye masks, travel-size moisturizer, lip balm, sinus and headache medication, eye drops, and moisturizing nasal spray. Long-haul flights can be very dry and you want to remain hydrated, so rarely drink alcohol before or during a flight and instead stick with water. We pack a wrap for Deb and a sweater for Dave and it keep it all handy in one bag.

What are your tips for planning a once in a lifetime trip?

Choose the location to fit your budget. You can have a dream trip in an affordable location; a place like Thailand is beautiful, plus more affordable than Tahiti. Also, start collecting reward points a year in advance. Many credit cards offer great travel incentives. We put everything on our American Express Platinum card, including groceries and toiletries—but we're sure to pay it off monthly. Before you fly, find out if you need a visa. You don't want to be turned away at the border! And be sure that your passport is valid for least six months from your travel date since a lot of countries won't let you in if it's about to expire.

What camera do you recommend?

We have two Sony A7RII bodies, which are lightweight and versatile—perfect for travel. The Sony mirror-less cameras have a selection of lenses to suit all travel needs. You can change your lenses for each situation like a wide angle for landscapes and a zoom for wildlife. For underwater or sporting activities, we love the GoPro. If you want a good walking around camera that fits in your pocket, the Sony RX100 II is a good choice. And finally, our iPhone takes excellent photos and videos.

What are your go-to travel apps?

TripIt Pro is our favorite app. It amalgamates all of our itineraries, from flights to hotel room bookings to car rentals. It also tracks our reward points. Vivino is an excellent app for help choosing wines when in another country. It has a rating system and gives you an idea of what each bottle should cost. And the XE Currency app is great for quickly checking currency rates.

What are your in-flight beauty tips?

Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, moisturize often, and put your hair in an easy-to-maintain style.

How do you look refreshed after a long flight?

Keep makeup to a minimum. Use a tinted moisturizer, a little mascara, a misting spray, and a tinted lip balm to look refreshed. Wear comfortable and wrinkle-resistant clothing spruced up with a colorful scarf and comfortable flats. Put on a pair of sunglasses, and you are good to go.

How do you fight jet lag?

We try to get as much sleep on the plane as we can. Usually flights are overnight and you arrive at your destination in the morning. When you arrive, try to adapt as quickly as possible to their time by going out for a walk. We like to take a shower after checking into the hotel to wake ourselves up before doing some light sightseeing. Stay up as late as you can and avoid alcohol or caffeine.

Best ways for killing time during a layover?

We're huge fans of downloading television series onto our iPhones or iPads. Shows like Homeland, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal are a few favorites.

Where are you going next?

Ireland. We're excited to be doing a video project on Dublin for Lonely Planet.